Kayfabe An introduction.

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    * The stage is set, the camera starts rolling and then Trodaí walks in and sits by the couch next to the poorly drawn fire *

    Trodaí : Oh Hi, I didn't see you there, I was just reading.. * he picks up a book titled "How not be generic and bad at promos" * oh well this old thing * he throws it into the background* anyway ladies and gentlemen, let's get down to business

    * He stands up real fast and the set collapses behind him, he looks around for a moment and the gives a thumbs up until the camera fades to black and moves to the next frame *

    Trodaí : You see, Trodaí is not just a big, huge, scary big guy, he is also funny, intelligent, very good at sitting in all day in his underwear and playing video game and also being one handsome mofo, today we will ask people what they think of the man, the myth and legend that is Trodaí

    * Trodaí and the camera man walk into an alley way *

    Trodaí : *whispering* ok, we know wait to ask a stranger what he thinks is best about the legend himself

    * They wait for a few moments until they see a gentleman walking through the dark alley, Trodaí jumps out and screams: *


    * The man jumps and screams in terror and says : "Look man just take my wallet and leave me" he then throws the wallet right at Trodaí's faceas he's running away, Trodaí stands there for a moment and then picks up the wallet *

    Trodaí : Wow, what a jerk! I was gonna pay him for this but he just blew his chances * He picks up the wallet and then opens it to see whats inside * Wow! 24 dollars and 22 cents! SCORE! we hit the jack pot boys * He turns to the camera and then notices that it is being filmed * Ehhhm because we can film me bringing it back to it's owner in next weeks segment.. yeah that seems like a good idea *Whispering* hehehe who said that he'll have his 24 dollars though hehehehhehe, tune in next week to see what
    happens on: "The adventures of Trodaí"

    * He puts his thumb up and gives and extremely cheesy smile until the camera fades to black *
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