An old self written BTB.

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  1. This was originally part of a challenge on "another" forum :emoji_wink:. If it doesn't make sense don't worry, I just thought I would post this to see if I could persuade any of you guys to try it out.


    Sharingan Wrestling: episode 1 ILBA Network
    9pm hits and Sharingan Wrestling’s ring, entrance ramp and titantron all erupt in an explosion of pyro followed by a huge roar of the 15,000 in attendance! Sharingan Wrestlings’ theme hits and the crowd are jumping out of their seats in anticipation.

    Paul Heyman is stood in the ring and waits for the theme to finish and the crowd to silence before speaking.

    Paul Heyman: Ladies and gentlemen. My name is Paul Heyman, (a video package show Paul Heyman’s past is played on the tron, which is seen while Heyman is talking) The Father of ECW, the brother of WWE, the friend of the longest raining WWE champ of this century CM Punk and the guardian of the beast, the monster, BROOOOCK LESSSNARRRR! But you already knew that, and this is not why you are here, is it? You are here to see the best fucking wrestling this planet has to offer! Am I right!? (The Crowd erupts into a Yes! Chant) you’re fucking right you did! So now on the ILBA network you will see the best talent, the best matches, the best show, the best motherfucking wrestling you have EVEEEEEER SEEN! Now are you ready? If so sit in your seats raise your signs because tonight, we will decide our first contenders for Sharingan Wrestling’s championships! That is right, tonight is going to be a special episode, full of Battle Royal’s and 3 men tag matches, and of course our beautiful women will be battling it out tonight as well! So without wasting any more time let us kick of tonight’s Sharingan Wrestling!

    Heyman climbs out of the ring just as a superstar randomizer shows up on the titantron ready to start of the show.
    The randomizer shows us a picture of the Rising Sun Championship then shows pictures of the roster that might be selected into this battle royal to win a title shot next week. The randomizer passes by so fast no one even knows who is on the roster until suddenly! This tron appears!

    Rob Van Dam’s theme hits and the crowd start screaming and doing the RVD taunt. RVD charges down the ramp on flips over the rope with determination and a confident look on his face.
    The randomizer then picks Corey Graves, Rikishi, MVP, Kane, DDP, Edge, Daniel Bryan
    The 8 men fill the ring and all want to be the Elite Champion. The referee Stan Godard then tells us that the last 4 men standing in the ring will all earn a title shot next week in a quadruple elimination match, Falls count anywhere! The 8 wrestlers in the ring all lose some composure but shake it of as the bell rings and the match gets under way.

    RVD hits a swift roundhouse kick on Graves knocking him to the mat, Daniel Bryan and MVP team up to take on Rikishi but drops both men with a huge clothesline with those tree trunk arms. Kane turns Rikishi around and grabs him by the throat! Rikishi is in the air! But Edge charges into the abdomen of Kane ploughing Kane into the ropes and making Rikishi drop hard on the mat from that 9 foot elevation. Both MVP and Bryan slowly get back on their feet and stand up but MVP from behind Bryan hits a beautiful Bridging German Suplex. Bryan lands hard on his neck and rolls over backwards. DDP picks up Edge, but then DDP gives Edge a stiff right hand, knocking the rated R superstar against the ropes. MVP sees edge charges at him and goes for the Playa’s Boot! But Edge avoids it by slipping to the side of him. MVP is left caught up in the ropes and DDP grabs his other leg and throws MVP out!

    MVP is the first man eliminated and he will not earn a Elite Championship spot!

    DDP talks trash while stood on the bottom rope leaning over the ropes to MVP, Bryan see’s this and hits a Missile Dropkick right to the back of DDP’s head making him fall over to the ground.

    DDP is the second man out!

    Rikishi grabs Kane and tries to pick him up for a Samoan drop, but Kane is too heavy! Kane whips Rikishi into the turn buckle and Kane races towards him for a big boot but Rikishi hits him with a Samoan spike! Kane is crawling around the bottom turnbuckle whilst heavily winded! Rikishi looks to the crowd, get a little jiggy on then runs to Kane and gives him that horrific stinkface! Corey Graves is trying to hide from the 2 monsters on the other side of the ring, but he forgot about RVD who comes at him with a perfect dropkick right to the chin followed by a series of kicks leaving Graves red and sore. Corey grabs the ropes in pain and Edge comes charging at him with the spear! He connects! It practically broke Graves in half!

    Corey Graves is out! That mean only 1 more person then we will know are title contenders!

    Rikishi, RVD, Bryan and Edge all look at Kane. Kane stands up and yells “BRING IT!” Bryan and Edge both run towards The Big Red Monster only to be knocked down. Rikishi then runs towards him only to be grabbed by Kane’s hand, Kane picks Rikishi up and this time slams him down on the mat perfectly. RVD still on the other side of the ring is in shock of what he just saw. Kane storms towards RVD and hits him with a Running Crossbody. RVD’s chest looks like it was crushed by a ton of bricks. He then picks RVD up holds him above his head and throws him out of the ring!

    RVD is the fourth contender eliminated! Kane, Daniel Bryan, Edge and Rikishi will battle it out next week to decide Sharingan Wrestling’s first Elite Champion!

    An advertisement is aired next showing all the great shows on the ILBA network.

    Next will be the match that decides who will become the Iron Lady Champ! Only 3 women can remain in the ring!

    MsChif, Lita, Eve, Michelle McCool, Reby Sky and Beth Pheonix are all stood in the ring ready for this bout. The bell rings and these women get straight to work. Lita and Beth immediately start slapping each other’s faces off while Reby and Eve are pushing each other over the ropes. MsChif has McCool at the bottom rope and MsChif manages to push McCool out of the ring, Beth and Lita then grabs MsChif and throw her out. It is now only Lita, Beth, Reby and Eve Reby is leaning over the top rope and Beth grabs her legs and power bombs her over the ropes!

    This match is over! Eve, Lita and Beth Pheonix are the #1 contender’s for the Iron Lady Championship!

    Another commercial airs while everyone clears the ring.

    The next match will be a Triple Tag Team match to crown our Diamond Duel Tag Team Champions! The contenders are: Too Cool (Scotty 2 Hotty, Grand Master Sexay) The Uso’s, and Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel!
    While Too Cool make their way to the ring, the camera changes to an angle that is backstage showing DDP and MVP arguing at each other. They keep shouting until suddenly MVP hits Dallas with a sucker punch, DDP’s face turns red and he dives on MVP smashing the shit out of him, Suddenly 2 huge figures pull the men apart. The camera pans over and it is Goldberg and Bret “The Hitman” Hart! Both of these men work as Sharingan Wrestling’s talent Trainers! Bret and Goldberg tell the men to knock it off, that they will settle this next week. In the ring!

    The camera then goes back to the ring where the 3 teams are ready!
    The match kicks off with Kidd, Scotty and Jimmy Uso as the legal men. Jimmy hits Scotty with his running forearm splash, leaving Scotty clueless as to where he is Tyson takes advantage of this and hits a devastating superkick to the jaw of the groggy Scotty. Jimmy then hits Tyson with a low savate kick and then throws him into the corner, Jimmy going for the big corner splash! But Tsyon dodges it and hits a double leg spin kick! Jimmy is out cold on the mat! Tyson makes the tag to Justin who goes for a 450 but is knocked of the turnbuckle by Jey Uso, Grand Master Sexay then Attacks Jey Uso. The n Tyson gets involved! Justin climbs back in the ring and buts Jimmy back on his back, he goes back up hits the 450 splash! 1,2! No Jimmy kicks out The men outside the ring climb back onto the apron allowing Tyson to tag back in and grabbing Jimmy before he could tag out. Tyson pulls Jimmy back to his corner and locks in the sharpshooter! He taps! Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel are the Diamond Duel Tag Team Champions! The Uso’s go backstage but Too Cool climb into the ring with two steel chairs, Kidd and Gabriel turn round only to be plastered with Chair shots! The officials manage to convince Too Cool to go backstage.

    Another commercial break now.

    When Sharingan Wrestling comes back on the Fans see Paul Heyman stood on the entrance ramp along with Official Stan Godard and the rest of the Bushido Divison: Raven, Ryback, Sabu, Tensai, Vampiro, Tommy Dreamer, Mick Quackenbush, Mason Ryan and Frightmare.
    Heyman: Now this match will decide who will win the Rising Sun Championship next week, but it will not be a battle royal. Oh no, It is a little match I like to call “Race for Gold” You see these men next to me are going to fight their way to the ring, and only 4 men can enter, The last 2 men stood in that ring from that point on are the contenders! Let the games begin!
    Heyman runs off and all the men start beating the living crap out of each other... And that's it, never finished it. :emoji_slight_frown:
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  3. Looks good man! I made my challenge one a BTB too
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