An Unbelievable Rumour Regarding AJ/Cena & Vince Mcmahon.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Extraterrestrial, Oct 24, 2012.

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  1. This report is originated from
    Wrestling News World reported in July that "Kelly Kelly was given time off from WWE to avoid having her name come up in Cena’s divorce."
    It is reported that the two had an affair while Cena was married so the company then covered Kelly Kelly by taking her off tours and giving her time off. After John Cena's divorce was done he and Vince had a rumoured “war of words” which resulted in Kelly Kelly being released as part of this conversation.
    Vince then changed storyline angles to focus on Ryback and the angle shown on Raw yesterday where AJ got "sacked" as GM because she was “fraternizing” with Cena. Wrestling News World says that "this is a direct rib at Cena" for the additional punishment from their "chat". Vince is said to want to see if John will still be "his model employee" and go with anything that Vince can throw at him.
    Obviously, this is a rumour but this would be an incredibly risky move by Vince if true.
  2. Sounds false.
  3. Probably.

    Kinda funny though
  4. BLFFL

    She's a slut, deal with it.

    If true then wow.
  5. :smug:
  6. If this is true. Kelly can be said to have possibly ruined a career. Well done lass!
  7. If true wow, yeah. I don't think it's true though. It'd be nice to see Cena off the spotlight for a while, not that they can afford that but anyway.
  8. People say Cena being out of the mix is a good thing but it really isn't. They have zero star power without his ass.
  9. That's why I think him being out of the mix would be a good thing, because it would force them to make a new top star.

    As for the story, Kelly Kelly is a well known slut, and so Cena having an affair with her is definitely believable. As for Vince ribbing Cena with this... Vince has had a falling out with all his top guys at some point (Hogan, Bret, Austin, Rock), so it's not implausible that Vince and Cena might have a rough business relationship with each other at times. And Vince is a bit weird and crazy in real life (he once challenged one of his writers to a drag race and tried to run him off the road) so I can see him doing this to Cena.
  10. :lol1: Damn, I had forgotten about that. Thanks for reminding me, this cracks me up.
  11. Vince would never do this to Cena, because if Cena quit he knows WWE would be screwed. As you can see right now with their shitty ratings.
  12. Cena's new motto: hustle, hustle, and more hustle :dawg:
  13. Yes, Kelly kelly is probably a slut like everyone says or whatever but I don't believe this story. Like another website floating around on the web that you don't have to pay for seems to try to make wwe look bad. Since this news isn't free for people to see, I believe since you have got to pay to see this news, Its false. full of crap.
  14. Implying Vince is scared of anyone. Vince is an animal.
  15. :urm: It is false. :otunga:


    I know! :upset:
  16. True, but won't this help them create a new guy with some starpower?
  17. Is someone starting this rumor or what?
  18. You are seriously underestimating the superiority complex of Vince McMahon. He believes that he made Hogan, Bret, Rocky, Austin, and Cena. He also believes he made the Undertaker, Punk, Sheamus, and HHH.

    To Vince McMahon, the only indispensable agent of the WWE is Vince McMahon.


  19. They could try. It's not like suddenly not having Cena makes WWE better at making stars.
  20. LOL john you gotta let the women go. focus on winning back that title dawg.
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