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  1. Ellis Klein's music hits, smoke rises from under the stage as the new Intercontinental Champion Ellis Klein bursts through championship is around his waist as he points to the sky. He then proceeds to make his way to the ring, as he enters the ring he slings the championship over his shoulder, he grabs a mic.
    Ellis: Damn it feels good, to be called a champion, a winner, the best. Last week before SummerSlam I made a statement, a statement that nobody thought that I would live up to. But I did, and I won the Intercontinental championship from my rival Chris Young! *Ellis raises the championship into the air as the crowd applaud him* Chris, tried all he could to stop me, from the very start of my career he tried to stop me, he attempted to injure me, and when we stood in that ring at SummerSlam we both put our careers on the line, the match was back and fourth, yet there could only be one winner, and on that night it was me Ellis Klein!
    This week I take on Des Pierson, a man who is very gifted inside the ring, I look forward to showing him what a REAL Intercontinental champion can do!

    Ellis raises the championship one last time before exiting the ring.