And the first ever WWE NXT Champion is....

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Jonathan, Jul 27, 2012.

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  1. At Thursday night’s WWE NXT tapings from Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida, Seth Rollins defeated Jinder Mahal to become the first ever NXT Champion.

    After the match, Triple H and Dusty Rhodes came to the ring and raised Seth’s arm in victory. He was awarded the new NXT Championship belt.

    WWE taped 3 NXT shows at this week’s tapings.

  2. Put a spoiler in dude.
  3. if people cant tell it's a spoiler from the title then they're stupid :obama:

    should probably put spoiler anyway
  4. Yeah. This is results from a taping, meaning this episode will likely not air until the end of August. Better to be safe than sorry.
  5. You just had to show up and make my post a liar. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  6. Edited the OP, just because Tapatalk users see certain parts of the post when browsing.
  8. Had to see this out of curiosity, it was spoiled to me already that it would be Rollins vs Mahal.

    :yay: :win: :yay: :dawg: :yay: :otunga: :yay: :jeritroll: :yay: :burns:
  9. I would have actually preferred Mahal to win the championship, I reckon his gimmick would have worked very well as a champion, reckon he might be in WWE at some point as I think Mahal's gimmick would suit well.
  10. :sad:
  11. You tend to do that a lot with my posts :haha: :urm:
  12. Yep. :dawg:

    But seriously, that would be just wrong. First, the new NXT is more about the new guys from FCW than the people without space on the main shows, so I wouldn't give him the belt. Second, Rollins is a guy who is going to the main roster soon-ish and should gain some credibility on NXT I believe, and the title is an interesting way to do that, if before the tournament was announced you asked who would you put a NXT Championship on, I'm pretty sure people would say Seth Rollins, not Jinder Mahal. Third, and most important, Mahal sucks. He's just there to attract some Indian fans since Khali won't be able to go for much longer, he's not smooth in the ring and his promos are crap, I'm particularly a fan of the Foreigner gimmick but when it's well played, with segments regarding that person's culture and such things, him going against Americans while denegrating the country etc. Right now, Mahal's just a jobber with poor mic/ring skills, no charisma and whose race and "gimmick" doesn't make it up for it obviously.

  13. But to be fair. Mahal has really stepped up his game on NXT.
  14. Well, I haven't watched NXT the last month, you know. I'm basing off programming until July 2nd.
  15. Yeah I actually have enjoyed Mahal's mic segments, he's done them pretty well. I actually don't know anything about Seth so I can't comment on him, but I have seen Mahal a good few times now and while I'm not a great fan, atm he seems to be working his character well.
  16. Well, from his previous segments I see nothing in him. But I'll watch NXT this week and check him out.
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