And the move is done.

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  1. Report any bugs (if there are any) as always. It was much more smooth this time around it seems. Many people can seemingly access it without issues which is great.

    If you do know someone who can't access, please direct them to our Twitter or have them add my skype (crayohf).

  2. Well that was quick, great job :otunga:
  3. Yea, I actually tested before this time.
    I can't access, using a proxy right now. It'll solve itself.
    Site faster for anyone?
  4. Yeah, wweforums on roids.
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  5. Site seems quite a bit faster to me.

    I am on the MyBB community forums
  6. Yup, smooth as a baby's nipples.
  7. In all honesty for me it seems to be slower.
  8. :finger:
  9. :finger:
  10. :finger:
  11. Someone can't handle the truth :damn:
  12. Go to bed Jonathan, you're drunk :otunga:
  13. I wish :downer:
  14. Server is probably further away from you than before. I've not done any optimizing yet either.
  15. What differences will us little people notice?
  16. Slight speed increase, nothing else probably.
  17. :phew:
  18. its actually slower
  19. Guessing you're not on around now when the site usually crashes randomly? :dawg:
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