And Why You Can't Beat WWE

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Zardnaar, Sep 21, 2016.

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  1. This thread is why IMHO you can't beat WWE at wrestling. I am talking about being the biggest wrestling promotion in the world. Sure it is theoretically possible but short of something dramatic happening like Vince dying or WWE going bankrupt its not gonna happen anytime soon. Rating seem to be on the up but they were the worst in almost 20 years recently.

    Sure WCW almost beat them in the 90's but they had a few things going for them that no longer exist in the modern era. Had WCW been run better they might have won the Monday Night Wars.

    To compete at the naitonal level you need several things IMHO. They are as follows.

    1. the main one is a TV deal although this might be changing due to things like the WWE network and Netflix.
    2. Millions of dollars.
    3. A roster full of talent.

    That is the bare minimum. As of yet no one has started a new wrestling based company based off the internet that is much of anything but due to things like World of Warcraft you never know. Hell even kickstarter could be used perhaps.

    Now assuming you had several tens of millions of dollars to throw around even that might not be enough. Even if you had the money where are you going to get the talent from (raiding WWE is your best option). You would also have to have things like referees and behind the scenes crew and touring is not cheap.

    If you are not touring you are basically a regional based promotion. Name a large regional based promotion in the current era. One would have to grow one more or less from scratch now and even then WWE has exclusive rights to several arenas, TNA for example was more or less locked out of the north eastern USA at the major stadiums so even if you did do something like being internet based it is going to be extremely hard.

    Well WCW almost did it so why can't you replicate that just run it better, hire some of Vinces talent with a deep checkbook don't make the mistakes WCW did and bring back the Monday Night Wars (or pick a different night and own it).

    Well WCW had a few things going for it that TNA and Ring of Honor for example do not. How many world titles has Ric Flair won for example? Most counts have it at 16 but he did not win the WWF World Heavyweight title that often so how did he do it? The big gold belt from the NWA and WCW was a world title with a lineage going back to the 1950's (NWA claimed 1905) and even with being re branded WCW they inherited the NWA big gold belt. The title was unified after WWF bought out WCW and Chris Jericho was the 1st champion. The WWF recognised the title runs of the NWA/WCW champions and tag team title runs of Booker T for example.

    So how many world titles exist at the moment? The answer is 2 the WWE World Heavyweight title and the other one is the......... WWE Universal Champion belt. Even in its dying days the old NWA title still had a certain amount of prestige attached to it there is a reason RoH and TNA main titles are not counted as world titles as the promotions are to small. SO hypothetically you would need to buy out an existing wrestling show invent your own title (that will likely mean about as much as Ted's Million Dollar belt), run a wrestling show at a loss for years on end and maybe just maybe your title will be seen as a world title (eventually). And you will still have trouble getting access to some arenas.

    So how did WWF actually become as big as is did and how did WCW almost beat them? The reasonably short answer is WWF used to be part of the NWA territorial system. Vince likes to present it as the small guys taking on the big guys but if you have a look at a map from the territorial system WWFs home turf is the NE USA including New York city and Madison Square gardens. This is why TNA had trouble with shows in New York and Conneticut its the heart and brains of the WWF. ECW was based out of Philly but they never got to the size of the WCW/WWF and eventually went bankrupt and got bought out by the WWE.

    WCW in the early 90's was the last fragment left of the old territorial system that was a semi major promotion. They became a major promotion by Ted Turner injecting millions into the company and by picking up Hogan and delivering the Hogan/Flair dream match in 1994 that WWF failed to do in 1992, then they poached Vinces talent (Macho Man, Nash, Hall etc). Vince was not to happy with this but he did the same thing in the 80's with the AWA/NWA and other territories- he had more money due to having the best territory. Vince returned the favour later on with X-pac, The Giant, Chris Jericho, Malenko, Benoit, Saturn and Eddie. Both companies ironically made the pie bigger, a viewer lost in the 90's to WCW could always be lured back a viewer lost these days might be gone for good.

    Short of some seismic shift in the business (WWE going bankrupt for example) I can't really see anyone making another mainstream show. In some ways I think WWE has recognised this though as their product has suffered from a lack of competition so they might be trying to compete with themselves and diversify the product (Cruiserweight Challenge, NXT, Raw Vs Smackdown). What also made the attitude era work (in addition to the blood, tits and ass) was the wrestlers could also be themselves on the mic and that came through with the audience. Back then even the mid carders could say anything they liked on the mic (Jericho in WCW, X-Pac when he returned from WCW) these days apparently only a handful of wrestlers are allowed to do that (Cena, Jericho, Taker).

    You are not going to find another Rock or Austin or even a HHH or Michaels doing that. So who is "The guy" or "the man" (oer women that would be interesting) now? Well you have AJ styles and then you have erm...
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    There isn't much to compare to the wrestlers of past. It is a shame. I am sure in another 10 years people will look back have have great things to say about some of them but for now, there is no comparison.
    The other issue is that these wrestlers were made huge in a mostly unrestricted environment. They also had more freedom with their characters. I think that alone should be taken in to account here.
    But people won't consider that. They will just look at how over Stone Cold, the Rock, HHH, and HBK were and say how crappy the performances are today.

    EDIT: I didn't even touch on the other bit of this thread lol I meant to.

    I agree that no one can touch WWE, they have monopolized the industry.
  3. In ring the modern product for the most part might be better than the 80's and 90's.

    The problems seem to be creative and to many scripts. Back in the day Vince let his stars say anything they liked, even WCW had something similar.
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  4. I have to be invested in the stories to get into a match so for fans like me, it is important.
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