And WWE has another injury!

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Koko B., Jan 28, 2016.

  1. Good God. Sheamus, too?!

    :damn:, the roster is full of B+ players.

    Anyways... Have a speedy recovery, Sheamo.
  2. Probably from jerkin Trips off too hard :hhhooh:
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  3. Orton should be back for Mania, right?They should have all the injured wrasslers be on Mania just to get people to purchase it.
  4. Really don't think anyone's choice to watch WM hinges on whether Sheamus is on the card or not. Well, everyone besides Xina anyways. Hopefully the likes of Rollins,Cena, and Orton can make it though.
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  5. WrestleMania sells it self. A majority of people buy it because it's WrestleMania, and not because of the matches. That's why 27 and 29 were record setters, during their time, even though they sucked sweaty butt cheeks.

    WWE should just move on to human sacrifices, jesus christ. It's like everyone on the roster got the Christian syndrome.
  7. Fuck Sheamus. But seriously wth is going on. Over worked and not enough drugs lol
  8. Okey WWE time to dust of Bryan
  9. Injuries have and will always be a huge part of professional wrestling. The difference between today and yester year are guys actually take time off for injuries now and we have more access to news. Back in the day we had no clue as to what went on back stage and guys worked through injuries.

    The same thing happens in MMA. Lots of guys pulling out of fights. Injuries are no more common than before, guys are just less likely to work through them.
  10. Pretty sure Barrett is juiced, he definitely just slides into Sheamus' spot and WWE moves forward.
  11. They're gonna need more than brand name powah to sell 100,000 tickets from now till April 3rd. I don't see them pulling it off no matter who they get on the card, but they certainly can't think that repeatedly telling everyone it'll be "the biggest Wrestlemania of all time" or having Rock say "Show up to watch me do something on April 3rd in Dallas! We'll break records!" over and over will be enough to get the job done either.
  12. I think no matter what the actual attendance is they'll still say it's over 100,000, even if it's really not.
  13. Of course. They do that almost every year as it is. Would be harder to get away with it though when you're trying to claim a crowd this big, but if they put the remaining tickets on clearance sale and paper the rest, they could probably get a respectable enough looking crowd that with ingenious camera angles could convincingly pass for 100,000+.
  14. Then maybe chill with the schedule? I mean, holy shit, this is not the 80s anymore. You can't just put someone on crazy drugs and work them like horses.

    As a sidenote, is there a infographic of (reported) injuries per year, or something?
  15. Or just let them snort coke and pop painkillers, like the good ol' days :obama:
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  16. With all these injuries they could bring a new meaning to a handicap match.
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  17. Weed at the very least, crazy to believe smoking it can get you fired still.
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