Anderson Silva: Like Water (Documentary)

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jun 5, 2012.

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  1. I'm about to watch this, so I figured I may as well share. :silva:

    Here's a trailer to help you decide if you want to watch it or no


    P 1

    P 2
  2. What did he do to piss Dana off that time?
  3. The Demian Maia fight. He was dicking around a lot


    Personally I found it hilarious.
  4. Doesn't suit his "I was a poor kid from Brazil who would be working in McD's still if it wasn't for MMA :sad: :cry:" gimmick tbh.
  5. Meh. Your hate for Anderson doesn't amuse me. He is awesome
  6. Just sayin', come on, it's pretty hypocritical. At least when Nick does that stuff you know he's a fucking boss outside the cage too.
  7. I don't really see your point about any of what you are saying lol

    so because he would be in Brazil being poor if he weren't a great fighter he can't taunt opponents? I think you've been brainwashed by Sonnen to hate anything Silva does
  8. Noo, I mean isn't his gimmick about honour and respect? He's like a face in WWE terms. He bows to his opponents, goes on about his poor life, goes on about lack of respect from Chael, then goes and does this. It's like John Cena cutting a promo on how Punk is a rule breaker by disrespecting Johnny Ace and then tea-bagging Ace.

    I'll be honest about my opinion on Anderson. It's nothing. I've not watched his matches, I've not listened to him speak (he doesn't speak English right?), I don't care about him to be honest.
  9. Mega facepalm. This isn't WWE. Guys don't have gimmicks lmao. Well, some have gimmicks. Chael does.
  10. I know, you seem to misunderstand my point. by gimmick I mean his personality.

    The personality he wants us to receive is honour and respect, then he does this. I can't put it any simpler. I don't know enough about him so maybe you can explain to me what his actual personality is? All I've seen is him being built as this mega-respectful Brazilian guy who was once poor but made it through hard work bla bla bla go out there and be an ass in the cage and act like a rich asshole outside of it. That's all I know. Don't hate on me dawg. :emoji_slight_frown:
  11. You are seeing the portrait of Silva that Sonnen has painted for you. Silva is what he is. A lot of people think he is a disrespectful douche and I doubt he cares. You can shit talk a guy but still respect him. Anderson is one of the two greatest fighters in MMA history, so for Chael ('s character) to say he doesn't respect Anderson is retarded. That is the only time I've heard Silva talk about respect.

    As far as Silva's actual character, idk man, I don't speak Portuguese. I'll probably be able to give you a better insight on the real Anderson personality after I watch this documentary.

    It's no different than the Diaz brothers talking shit and taunting during a fight but shaking their opponent's hand after the fight.
  12. They've offered an explanation for that. They said they need to hate him or something to fight them, didn't they?

    I see your point. I honestly haven't watched his matches so I can't judge. I was just going off the video packages of Anderson I've seen and interviewers talking about him and such. He's perceived as the nice guy but does things like that, that bugs me. I'm not sure if Anderson is liked by everyone or not. Chael says he's hated, but I can't listen to my homie Chael lmao.

    He's pretty widely loved

    but only Nick Diaz can be top 10 loved and hated <3
  14. Lmao how did Condit get in top 10? Fuck that.

    Nick in both is hilarious. My boy Koscheck and Chael are hated? BLASPHEMY. :haha:
  15. Condit's love has dropped a ton since the Diaz fight.

    Before that fight though he was widely liked and respected. 28 wins and 26 finishes, half by sub, half by KO. I've seen a ton of Condit fans talk about how lame he was against Nick though
  16. I watched the documentary today. It was pretty boss
  17. What did you get/learn from it?
  18. Anderson Silva's broken rib from the first Sonnen fight was definitely not some random excuse.. it was a legitimate injury. Silva reminds me a bit of Nick Diaz in that he doesn't really like being famous, doesn't like doing media, and he just wants to fight. Silva's deadpan humor is pretty funny.
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