News Andrade isn’t ready to team up with his girlfriend on WWE TV yet

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Remember when Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch went public with their relationship and not long after they were paired up on television? That’s fairly standard in WWE. When a high profile relationship between two active performers starts making headlines outside the ring, it typically doesn’t take long for Vince McMahon to try to capitalize on that inside the ring.

In the case of Andrade and Charlotte Flair, however, he’s held off.

Neither have been shine about sharing their affinity for each other, what with their frequent public displays of affection via social media. But that doesn’t mean they’re ready to take that to the small screen.

Here’s how Andrade responded when he was asked about it (via Digital Spy):

“Now she is focusing on her career and I am focusing on my career. But in the future maybe we’ll be a Mixed Match Challenge team. I know it’s a great idea. Maybe not now, maybe in a year or two years. I like this idea because I have a great connection with her outside the ring and inside the ring. Sometimes we work out together and when we train in the ring and talk in the ring, I feel the same connection to her as we have outside the ring.”
These two crazy kids might just stand a chance in this wacky world.

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