WrestleMania Andre the Giant BR an annual WM match?

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  1. http://www.cagesideseats.com/2014/3...morial-battle-royal-annual-wrestlemania-match

    So I read this article and was wondering what people took from it and also if it ends up being an annual match, do you agree with this?
    I have a couple thoughts on it myself, but I'll wait to hear your opinions first so we can just add to the discussion.

    Here is the quote that Hogan gave in an interview and the last two sentences is where the writer of the article took from it that this will be annual thing.

    Now, in an interview with WWE.com, Hogan has this to say:
    "If he wasn't such a nice guy, none of this would be here, brother. So it was very important that we brought the Andre the Giant over-the-top 30 man Memorial Battle Royal to this WrestleMania to etch it in stone and to make it a piece of our history, and to have it be part of our legacy each and every WrestleMania. It means the world to me."
  2. I guess if it had a different reward for winning, I suppose it could replace MITB as an annual WM thing.
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  3. I feel like it could be for the MITB to be honest. I mean if WWE is really just that lame enough to give out Andre the Giant Trophies every year that'd be pretty weird and I doubt I'd be a fan.
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  4. I really hope it doesn't become an annual thing. Doing it this year is alright because it's WM 30 and there are 30 competitors. But it would just be lazy to do it each year.

    They should bring back MITB if they want to get their big names on the card who aren't in feuds.
  5. I wouldn't care to see it become an annual thing either. Wrestlemania 30 is a big anniversary date and this year more than other is about celebrating the history of the event, so naming a battle royal after "The King Of Battle Royals" himself, Andre The Giant, seems appropriate for this year. I wouldn't care to see it become a match that's held every year, though (although it would be an easy and convenient way of always getting as many people booked on the card as possible, but you can be sure it'd always end up on the pre-show every year after this one... that is, assuming it doesn't end up on the pre-show this year, too.)
  6. I think it would be cool to make it an annual occurrence and, like Lockard mentioned, it's a convenient way to get 30 guys onto the Mania card easily (plus, if you look back at early Manias, a lot of them had battle royals either during the event or as a dark match before it, so there's precedent for it).

    As for just giving out a trophy, I can see it as being similar to KotR used to be (I don't see them giving an MITB contract to the winner due to the popularity of the MITB match itself and how important it's become, but I could get my mind around giving the winner a title shot at Extreme Rules or Payback or something). If winning the Andre Battle Royal means a guy's getting a big push for the summer, I think that would be enough. If it's a lower midcard guy who wins, you could set him up in a program for the U.S. Championship; a higher guy on the card could get pushed into an IC Title feud; a main eventer/upper midcard guy could get put into a program competing for the WWEWHC. As for the trophy, it's not exactly unprecedented to give a guy a trophy or a cup or something. It's done all the time in Japanese promotions and the tournaments that lead to them are often some of the more popular events for fans every year (or however often the tournaments take place, I don't think all of them are annual).

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  7. Interesting idea, wk.
    I'm still on the fence of it; while it definitely seems like a lazy approach to filling up the WM Card each year, it also gives them a ground to debut some people or bring back some legends for the showcase of the immortals.
    I guess maybe after how it goes this year I'll make a decision on it. If it's really well worked and entertaining perhaps I would give repeat matches like it during the WM event a chance.
  8. You know what, how come they give us this battle royal in the first place? I know it's to commemorate Andre, but I wanna see another Gimmick Battle Royal.
  9. No, I really can't stand Andre the Overrated Fag**t
    The guy wrestled like a pu**y and I'd rather melt his trophy to wear as a chain around my neck like Kama did
    I hate battle royals unless somebody busts a wheel or crushes a digit or two
    More power to Big Show launching Ziggs from the ring and folding Barretts shoulder in a knot.. real classy Paul

    Lol. Talk about being out of touch. I'd rather watch Eddie v Benoit in a 1st blood match with Katie Vick watching ringside. For f*** sake
  10. I'd be fine with that. Every year there's a match to put everyone in the card anyway, so why not go ahead and make it na oficial yearly event, but instead of naming it "useless filler to fit every jobber here" they give it a fancy André BR name? I think it'd be cool if they honored a different hall of famer every year too, maybe.
    PS: I'd probably melt the trophy too and then sell the gold, but I'm Brazilian, so that probably shouldn't come as a surprise.
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