Andy Leavine released

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Tombstone Piledriver, Apr 23, 2012.

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  1. Finding a source now. Read it on twitter.
  2. To be honest the other guy should have won anyway.
  3. I thought the guy they called Donnie Osmond would have won if he didn't dick up his ankle.

    Overall though it was a lackluster as hell group of guys. Why even bother with the show when you have a bunch of green dudes with minimal potential to begin with?
  4. The biggest joke is they turned down Aries.
  5. Who turned down Aries and why?
  6. They turned him down on one of the seasons of Tough Enough because he was too small.
  7. What Dolph said

    Austin Aries, the only two-time ROH World Champion, hinted yesterday on Twitter that his wrestling career may be coming to an end following a recent setback.

    "Apparently not big, young, or tough enough," he wrote. "While it's been amazing, the AA chapter of my life may be coming to an end very soon."

    Aries, who is 32 years old and billed at five foot nine, was among the most notable wrestlers bypassed for Tough Enough.
  8. Wow, I wonder how much they regret that.
  9. Can you imagine how bad A Double would have made all of those jabronis look? They would have called off the competition after the first week and crowned him the winner
  10. This further proves why Tough Enough is a failed concept. At least the other guys got a match on TV before being released.
  11. I don't think it's a failed concept, they just need to bring in more talented contestants.
  12. A double is green as hell you know this, who are you trying to kid?
  13. Didn't they have one guy on the show who had toured with Punk and Brian for years on the indies? What happened to him?
  14. True. He doesn't know a wristlock from a wrist watch
  15. They've had five tries to get it right and still haven't. They even sometimes bring in people who lost onto the show. The most interesting thing (for me) to come out of the original Tough Enough was Christopher Nowinski and he didn't even win.
  16. I find this so funny it was so obvious he wouldnt make it in WWE after winning he just isnt the type of wrestler you would see main eventing in WWE. Also him failing a wellness test before he even got on the main roster is another reason why hes fired. Wow what a waste of time doing Tough Enough considering the winner is fired
  17. I rather have Austin Aries over the druggee Evan Bourne any day!
  18. Aries is one of the 3 or 4 best all around performers in North American wrestling today. The only knock you could have on the guy is his size
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