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    Angel Corpus' WWEForum Twitter account by @[Pepper Potts]​

    You will find out unofficial status updates from Angel Corpus. This is not the official Twitter account and the official one can be found by clicking here.


    Twitter Info:
    Warzone Siren, tweeting random stuff at random times.

  2. New Tweet From @AngelFromAbove!

    @AngelFromAbove: My feet are acting up after wearing high heels for a long time. #AGreatTimeForChucks
  3. New Tweet From @AngelFromAbove!

    @AngelFromAbove: Good Morning! Still tired after 4 hours of sleep. Maybe I'll sleep again after this LOLZ. #GoodNight http://tinyurl.com/cudqnhg

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  4. @FedXKing: @AngelFromAbove I am a follower! Look forward to your tweets. Hannah seems to be having trouble backstage with Mad Dogg
  5. @AngelFromAbove: Thank you very much @FedXKing! About Mad Dogg, I hope he remembers not to bark at the wrong tree! :emoji_grin: #ThereWasAReasonTheyCalledMeManHands
  6. @FedXKing: @AngelFromAbove Hopefully there will be more sirens for you to reign dominant in your siren division. #Angel4SirenChamp
  7. @AngelFromAbove: The Siren division is full of Femme Fatales. I'm sure we'll give it our all in our matches! #AboutDamnTime #Angel4SirenChamp
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