Kayfabe Anger feeds people

Discussion in 'WWE 2K16 League Archive: Xbox One' started by MintMidget69, May 1, 2016.

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  1. *Camera fades back into The Webmaster standing in front of Ben Song,who is sitting on his throne*
    The Webmaster: Now I couldn't care less about our opponents this week and they've already been talked about. What I want to talk about is how I was screwed in my tournament match by the referee and how much I want to show everyone how that fast count isn't the end of the webmaster and Luis Alvarado you're lucky to be through in the competition. Now if you had beaten me without any help I would have congradulated you but since you didn't, fuck you, I'm doing something I usally don't do and that is hoping you find your way to the finals of the tournament just so that when your dreams are crushed it will be that much sweeter.
    *Camera fades back into black as The Webmaster throws a nearby rock directly at it*