News Angle arrested

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    All I could think of.
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  3. So second offense, does this mean suspension for Angle..don't know TNA's policy versus WWE.
  4. He's actually been arrested 4 times according to TMZ.
  5. No biggie, because it takes like 8 DUIs before they matter in this stupid country.

  6. On the same offense?
  7. TNA... policy?

    It's Kurt Friggin Angle. He is bigger than TNA.
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  8. Yup Driving under influence. But he only plead guilty on one of them apparently.
  9. If it was me, who did such a did four times, I would be in Jail by now lol.
  10. You'd be surprised. probably depends on the state, but I know plenty of people who stack up DUIs and get off with some lame ass punishment. Its wack as hell because unlike a lot of crimes that are victimeless, you are endangering everyone around you when you do this stupid shit.

    I love Kurt but after this many DUIs he should be in jail for a good while because he is clearly a fucking idiot
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  11. Yeah go to Jail for a few months, then get suspended from TNA for a few months more.
  12. He got that DUI with a broken fricking neck!
  13. Kurt Angle getting suspended? Yeah, uhm... that's not happening. I like TNA, but they'll turn a blind eye to this because this is Kurt Angle. They're currently struggling for ratings, fans are upset (like usual, but it's understandable), Kurt Angle is their huge star and is involved in on of their main story-line's.

    I don't sense any punishment coming from TNA's part and surely it's understandable.

  14. Ratings have been up lately, no? They are still #1 on Spike by a mile. People really overstate the 'ratings problem'. Just because WWE is up in the 3s doesn't mean TNA getting consistent 1+ ratings is awful.

  15. I could care less of his value in TNA, imagine if he killed someone then what?

  16. Yes, their ratings are increasing, but scoring ratings such as 0.77 and 0.99 isn't really good on TNA's point of view when they should be scoring much, much more. I'm a TNA fan, a supporter and want them to succeed, so I'm not here posting shit about TNA. If anything, TNA would have scored a great rating this week, but next weeks will be much lower and understandably.

    The problem they have is that they need a way to continue the good momentum they have, once they can manage to do that, it'd defiantly help them gain the attention they require.


    Sorry, but it's just reality.
  17. Hate to get on my high-horse here, but I really hope TNA cuts his ass as he faces at least a year of jail time. Have no tolerance for DUI's.
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  18. Depends on who you are...I got 1 DUI, had not been any other trouble at all with the law, and got a lot more than Angle received...

  19. No it doesn't. If they'll let Jeff Hardy and RVD get away for showing up to numerous events and PPVs high as fuck then Angle will get of scott free.
  20. Ahhh this is depressing to feel. I normally feel no pity for people who get DUI's. This one is hard to take.
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