Angle claims WWE is keeping TNA out of Pittsburgh

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  1. TNA Wrestler Kurt Angle recently spoke with Pittsburgh's CBS Radio 93.7 The Fan Morning Show, to promote Thursday's Impact TV taping in Indiana, PA. Below are some quick highlights:

    On his health:
    "I'm good. I'm 100 percent healthy. "It's the first time I've felt this way in years."

    On WWE Keeping TNA out of PITT:
    "Due to some issues with the other company [WWE], we really couldn't book any venues in Pittsburgh," Angle said. "If it goes well, we'll be back in the next six months and do it all over again."
  2. That's pretty fucked up on WWE's part to try and keep TNA down. TNA isn't even that much of a threat yet, and this is Kurt's hometown they're talking about. If WWE wants to play like that though, not much TNA can do sadly.
  3. I have a hard time believing Angle here. Because no way could a company, even the WWE somehow book up every single arena in a town the size of Pittsburgh. WWE most likely have exclusivity deals with the bigger arenas, 10k-20k seat ones, the kind of arenas that TNA cannot fill yet. I have a hard time believing that WWE went out to every single arena in town and strong armed them into refusing TNA.
  4. I doubt there are many arenas in Pittsburgh. It is a steel mill town, and sort of a dump tbf. There are probably a couple of arenas fit to hold a wrestling event. I'm sure WWe has told every arena they go to "hey, don't fuck with TNA or we're done here" or something similar, and why wouldn't they? Makes perfect sense from their perspective.
  5. Vince is just being a ruthless business man. Funny though that when people turn the tables on him (using Ted Turner money to steal his talent like he did with other regional promotions years before, giving away the results of his show, etc.), he whines about predatory practices.
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