News Angle flips out at TNA creative

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Crayo, Feb 3, 2014.

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  2. ffs Kurt your health is more important than killing yourself for some shitty TNA shows.
  3. Well, that seems like something Kurt would do without complaining, I'm actually surprised that he's complaining. Don't get me wrong, he should be complaining indeed, but that doesn't sound like Angle. If they're insisting on the match then EC3 is probably going to get the win somehow to get a rub (how did that work for Brisco last year, btw) and that's why they need him, but yeah... working injured has to suck.
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  4. Good point on Brisco. Good on TNA for trying to make make new stars but just like Brisco, EC3 hasn't really been tested and then they just throw an Angle rub at him and hope for the best.

    Why not give young guys a trial push and see who actually gets themselves over as opposed to these wwe-esque hand picked pushes
  5. Yeah man, I agree, definitely. There have been sooo many guys who were just quickly pushed to the moon and it didn't go because either the fans didn't care or the guy wasn't ready. I mean, EC3 had a feud with Sting, but that wasn't really that trial push, he was treated as nothing and barely got any mic time, got a fluke win and etc. I guess they're just desperate to create new stars for this "New Era" deal, and that's fine, but rushing things has never been the solution in wrestling.
  6. Is Crimson recovered from his knee injury? Now THAT is a young guy who deserves a legit push.
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  7. I think he is, he did wrestle a few matches before being released, iirc. They didn't seem too keen on pushing him at that time though.
  8. Dear god Angle, your neck's already bad, why do you have to further ruin your knees?
  9. What the hell?! They expect him to compete with he's injury. Are they freaking mental?!

    Come on now, That's ridiculous, he should be resting.
  10. Also hasn't EC3 already gone over Sting? Did that do him any favors?
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  11. Apparently not.
  12. This.

    I wish we knew if it was a Russo deal or not. Fuck them, Angle earned his time off.
  13. Russo is being rumored to work with TNA again, so I imagine yes.
  14. lol yeah im saying i'd like it confirmed. Either way that is an idiotic asshole move, and i dont know if it was russo but what about the kidnapping thing Testify posted? Wasnt that Samoa Joe? Not sure if that was Russo either but TNA have done this kind of dumb shit in the past.
  15. Suppose this is the only problem with the TNA way of doing things, with everyone being involved in a separate storyline. You can't use a lot of guys in this spot (Anderson, Storm, Joe, etc) because they're busy in other feuds. Still, surely they could have had Austin Aries in this spot to keep Angle healthy, right?

    really just came in here to lol @ Aids' signature again.
  16. Aries has to carry the X Division.
  17. If Benoit was in TNA he'll probably die first before thinking about suicide... man, they're killing our olympic hero w/ a broken freakin neck... he should've not just flip out, he should've flip them the bird... that was some unprofessional booking
  18. DId you even watch HOW he beat Sting ffs? Don't talk out of your ass.
  19. As far I can understand, Angle is pissed at Gaburick because of storyline timing issue, not health because Angle's been working hurt through a lot of TNA shows before.
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  20. He won by a rollup after Spud became ref.
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