Angle shoots for gold again

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Arrow, Mar 26, 2012.

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  1. "leacher Report’s Why We Watch next takes a look at… 

    Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle looking to turn back time...16 years worth, to be exact. 

    In 1996, Angle won gold in the heavyweight division of the freestyle wrestling competition at the Atlanta Games. 

    After spending much of the next decade and a half as one of pro wrestling's preeminent figures, Angle hopes to accomplish a feat that few—if any—have ever attempted: trying for gold again, 16 years later. 

    While Angle has reached the pinnacle at both the amateur (two NCAA titles) and professional levels (multiple championship belts in WWE and TNA federations), he believes now is the time to go for Olympic glory once again. 

    Despite his age and critics claiming he's doing it just for the publicity, Angle has been involved in serious Olympic-style training since the middle of 2011 in an attempt to make the 2012 U.S. wrestling team. "

    Kurt Angle has definate potential to be honest.. He did win the gold medal with a broken neck.
  2. He's not making the US team, let alone winning a medal. Also this was posted already
  3. I'd love him to make the team.
  4. Are any of the venues anywhere near you this summer Crayo? I love me some Summer Olympics, so many great events.
  5. Nah they're in London, I live 7 hours away from London or something. But I'm actually attending one day of the events, got tickets to sit in the stadium which is really hard to get in the UK (Loads going to government officials etc, it's fucking stupid), and I'm watching the swimming finals :emoji_slight_smile:.
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