Angle talks Hogan/WWE retirement

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  1. TNA star Kurt Angle appeared on Mark Madden's Pittsburgh radio show this week to promote tonight's live episode of Impact Wrestling. Here are some highlights of what Angle said about:

    Why Hogan Is Battling Aces & Eights, Not Him

    "You know what, I've had talks with Creative and, yeah, we've been going back and forth. I've been the staple of the company the last five years until, I would say,the last year. I believe they've been trying to use the younger talent."

    "[It's] a touchy subject. I love Terry, but you're right, it is about bringing up the younger talent. And the way to do it is having them wrestleveterans like me in the main events. Hopefully in the future they'll start doing that more often."

    Focusing Back On TNA After Considering Another Olympic Run:

    "I believe that was probably the beginning of my demise in TNA as far as where they wanted me," Angle said. "They were expecting me to try out for the Olympics and go to the Olympics, so they kind of wrote me off. Then, they didn't have a lot for me. But, I said, 'Hey, it's over. What are we going to do now?' And they said, 'We're going to have plans for you and star twriting you back in.' So, we'll see here in the future."

    Loving TNA But Possibly Ending His Career In WWE:

    "I love it in TNA. I've been very, very happy here. They treat mevery well. You just never know," Angle said. "The way I want to retire, I want to go out with a bang. I'm hoping to God that within the next three years, we can have somewhat of a PPV that is minutely close to WrestleMania. But, we don't. Not yet. But, you know, everyone always wants to retire at WrestleMania."

    "It's a hard thing because I want to stay in TNA - I love it there - but when you have the opportunity to go back and perform in front of millions of people on PPV and 100,000 fans in the stadium, it's kind of hard not to. But, like I said, I am happy in TNA and this is where I want to stay."

  2. Would genuinely love Angle to come back for one big WM match to retire.
  3. Wierd interview. Angle sounds like a little bitch because he ain't the main event anymore. Newsflash Kurt: YOU SHOULDN'T BE.

    I mean, it's okay from time to time to put him over a youngster in the ME scene, but shouldn't be up there anymore.

    And he hasn't been the staple of TNA for the past 5 years. In 2009/2010 (half of 2010) it was AJ Styles, in 2012 it were Roode and Aries.
  4. Do it. Bryan vs Angle WM 31
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