Angry Video Game Nerd

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Harley Quinn, Jun 14, 2013.

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  1. Who here likes AVGN's videos? I've been watching some for a few days and thought they were pretty funny :obama:

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  2. He's hit and miss for me. Sometimes he's funny, sometimes just redundant.
  3. Not that funny.
  4. Man,you need a GF and you need her quick

    But pretty funny,though,i have to admit. :lol1::lol1::lol1:
  5. Old videos were awesome, then he realized he was popular and it was all downhill from there.
  6. My favourites of his was the Special occasion vids e.g. Christmas, halloween, as well as his loony tunes episodes <3

    Also that CD-i console he tried to play was exceptional, especially that fucking Link game.
  7. Zelda CD-is never fucking happened. Don't ever mention those abominations again.
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  8. Sooner or later, there will be some bombed dodongos....
  9. Say good bye to your house
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  10. Who's Angry Video Game Nerd? Wtf Jonathan. You're a nerd for knowing who he is.
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  11. Near
    ...wait a second :notsure:
  12. :hmm: :gusta:
  13. He's okay, my opinion of him would be higher if the quality of his videos were consistent. I actually have no problem stating that probably most of his videos are misses for me (like 64%) but he does have quite a few hilarious videos and several good ones so I still rate him favorably. Been a fan since like 2006, got introduced to him only a few months after entering the world of the internet. It's also because of him that I ever watched the Nostalgia Critic, so kudos for that (his feud with him was freakin' hilarious).

    Finally, I am really looking forward to his movie.
  14. ET the game :mog:
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  15. I was going to make a thread for him, but then I realize that there already is one. But yeah, he's awesome. This guy is freaking pissed off. He's done for YouTube game reviews what Stone Cold did for promos. I find him to be very funny and in some ways, completely sophomoric. He's probably not funny for those who want sophisticated comedy though.
  16. I've been watching AVGN since 2010, I still love it to this day. The episodes aren't what they once were during the rise of the Nerd, but I still enjoy them and I admire James so much because I know how hard he works to produce quality material. Plus, his insight on film is fantastic, go check out his top 10's and reviews on his website.

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  17. over 1.4 milion subscribers, over 80 million views, seems to have a bigger install base than even TNA, so looks like you're the one out of the loop here mate
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