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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by CM Punk, Dec 15, 2013.

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  1. I won't be here tomorrow, so I'll just post mine now.

    Where do I start? I've been on this forum for nearly two years. I look back on when I first joined and I would have never guessed that I would have been on this forum for this long. I usually join forums with dark themes and at the time it was light, so that was a shocker that I was willing to stay. I think back to the days when I was on another forum and I created WWE and TNA discussion threads and the people who would respond to them constantly were Crayo, Xanth, Seabs and Leojay.
    (Although Xanth's post were pretty bad.) #ShoutoutToXanth

    I joined this site nearing the return of Y2J, Chris Jericho on December 27th, 2011 and there were a couple of active members. I'll name drop a few from the top of my head.

    - Crayo
    - Seabs
    - Xanth
    - Neil The Creep
    - Mike.
    - Jonathan
    - Tombstone Piledrive (Okay, I went back and looked him up)
    - Leojay
    - Sage
    - Big Hoss
    - Victoria Justice

    And I find it really amazing, that I can look back to the old threads back in the day and see my name pop up.

    I've never been a huge forum guy, I honestly found them pretty boring. The only time I stayed on forums were if they benefitted me, myself and I. The forums I've been on had many giveaways and I couldn't turn them down. Who would turn down free stuff, right?

    So being on this forum for nearly 2 years is an outstanding accomplishments for myself. I would have never thunk that I would have ever stayed this long on a forum and I have the community and Crayo to thank for that. One of the reasons I enjoy this forum is because most members aren't blinded by the product that wrestling serves today. I see people yapping on X star should have beat X star, but here people don't really care about it. I don't think I've contributed much to the forum sadly in these 2 years which I sometimes regret. But one day I'll hopefully change that.

    Anyways, as much as I hate to say this, I preferred the site the most in 2012. WWEF 2012 > WWEF 2013. And this isn't against any new members, I like all you guys. But it's how the site looked, how it ran and just the quality.

    The biggest regret I have on the forum are the feuds I begun with Britanica, Lady Deathbane and Danny. I never had anything against those members, I just felt I had to speak up for something that annoyed me and sadly because of that, I garnered a lot of heat from members. Even though everything is fine between us all, it's hard to believe that we'll never be as close as we were before. But we're getting there and in time, it might be the same or it might not. (Keep trying)

    So, here is where I probably give my opinions on each member... fuck.

    I aplogize in advance if I didn't mention you, it's just members that I've known for a while or members I've connected with on a high level. If you aren't listed, then try I guess start conversing with me.

    Crayo - Hey Crayo! First off I want to say, it took you two years to make me staff. Like what the hell dude? Not that any of that matters, thank you for making me staff. You and I both know I love this forum and want it to become a success, not that it isn't already. We have that love/hate relationship and I know where the hate comes from. It's those periods of times I create shitty posts. But there is a reason for that! And that reason is that I'm sometimes in a pissy mood or I'm just really not feeling it. And rather than taking a break from the forum, I just release my frustrations on the forum. You don't deserve that and certainly the community doesn't. I know we've joked around in the past on Skype and that was fun and all. So since I don't have much to say, I'll post something you said on HF back then in my discussion thread.

    It was the Royal Rumble 2011 and some guy said that Santino was going to win the Rumble. You called him a fucking idiot and called both yourself and I smarks. True story, I was there. Anyways, my final words to you are keep on doing what you're doing, thanks for preventing me from leaving and get over your fear of spiders. ly <3

    Also, Shadow is a better Ambrose mark than you. :pipebomb:

    Xanth - Xanth, hopefully you're not shy talking to me on Xbox!? :aries: Anyways, I haven't watched Criminal Minds yet because I'm too lazy to invest 100 hours catching up. But hey, I do watch New Girl! Also, watch Workaholics because it's jokes, Walking Dead actually isn't worth anyone's time. I find it really boring currently because Breaking Bad upped my standards. Since I don't have much to say about you as well because you barely post, I find it pretty lame that people still use fat jokes on you.

    Solidus - For some reason, I felt like you were on Hackforums in the xbox section a lot. (It might have not even been you.)
    Anyways, it's pretty cool that you're a wrestling fan, wouldn't really expect it. As you can tell, Anon isn't, so I supposed you weren't. You fit in perfectly with the community and have helped the site for so long. So thanks for helping out Crayo run the site.

    Big Hoss Rambler - HOSS! I can put you in a role of a Breaking Bad character! Crayo to Hoss: "You know the business and I know the chemistry."

    Get it!? You promoted the site Crayo created! Anyways, I was shocked to here that you were the owner of watchwrestling, that's really cool. You should be on here some more, but I understand that you're working on other projects and watching other shows. By the way, watch Community. It's a great comedy. I'll always have your back cause I knew you since this forum was created.

    Coon - Anon, how is life? Whoops, revealed your identity. :urm: Don't know why you randomly disappeared when the site was launched. I enjoyed your posts back then and still do to this day. Teach me how you do whatever you do. As in creating add-ons or CSS, whatever that stuff is. I'm somewhat interested in it, but will probably never end up doing it. I also enjoy how you're pretty active on the site and yet you don't watch it. :lol1: So watch it. :tough:

    Stopspot - You're probably the reason for most of my success on the forum. Dating back when I was in the most dominant and iconic group, Super Pipebomb. You were one of the members who chatted with me constantly, one of the reasons I joined one of the best groups of the forum, Team Showoff and possibly the reason I'm staff today. I know you don't here this enough, but in my opinion, you're probably the best staff member out of all of us. Been active since day one, always posting wrassling threads and the amount never ceases to decrease. So thank you!

    Seabs - You have those moments where you randomly disappear, but that's what you get when you're a part of Revolution X. Since this is the second year anniversary, it would be mandatory to look back on our fun adventures. And that's what I will do! :henry:
    A lot of fun stuff went down during 2013, like us invading Super Pipebomb. Lots of good threads there. You have a great sense of humour and I'm starting to sound like Kia, so I'll stop right there. As I've said before, you and Crayo are the main reason I am here today, so thank you for that. Revolution X lives forever!

    Vintage - Shadow, what shall I say about you? Somehow, you're the most trustworthy guy on the forum I know of. I don't know how we got close, but we did. I don't think I've told anyone as much as stuff as I have to you. We have had a lot of fun times on Xbox and I guess on the forum as well. You're a cool member and I'm glad I've gotten to know you in such a small period of times and become great friends with you.

    Dolph'sZiggler - Our relationship seems like the Sims game. The more we talk, the more our relationship level goes up. No homo obviously. It can date back when we both disliked Neil Thorn's stupidity and move on to the GOAT TNA Family Feud thread and from there Community sealed the deal. Even though you don't make review threads, I still enjoying your post because I know I'm in for a laugh or two. #6SeasonsAndAMovie

    Farooq - Hey man. I know we don't talk that much, but it was fun playing GTA V with you. (Even though we barely did.) Also, I can tell the difference between you and Jabri just so we're clear. #NotRacist

    Rysenberg - People are always saying you're the worst staff. I agree. You suck! But you like Breaking Bad, so thumbs up!

    Rainman - Still waiting you to make your username Hall of Rain :henry: Even though we barely talk, it's always nice to see you say goodbye to me in LD's. :yay: You're awesome!

    GrammarNazi - Remember when I said 2013 will be are year? :yay: DAMN YOU RAIN! :aries: Will I say 2014 will be our year this time? :no: Rain is in the way! I see you in discussion threads but I have nothing to discuss, so you'll see me stalking your posts!

    Testify - Still the king of the TNA section. Waiting for the day I see someone dethrones you, but the chances of that happening is... is... STEINER! I need help with your percentages! :steiner:

    NanoRah - Hey man. We talk time to time and if you ever need any help, don't hesitate to drop a PM. Like, really! If you need any help, just PM me or if you just want to talk to someone.

    Rodrigo - Yo Rodrigo! I heard that you say "nigga" really funny. Send me a copy dude? :please: You should really get active again. You post now and then, but I don't know. Just be more active! :angry:

    Danielson - Hey man. Even though we apologized to each other, I feel this weird tension still between us. I know we're cool on the forum and all, but I don't know. I kinda forgot how close we were back when we were cool, but it still feels way off. Hopefully in 2014, all of that can get better and we can go back the way it used to be.

    Deth - Remember when we were tight? Or were we never? :hmm: I don't know, I blame that skype chat. We were pretty cool in 2012 and in 2013, we really didn't do anything. :sad: So sadly, I don't have any fond memories of us except back in the day.

    Trip in the Head - From what I've seen, you fit in very well on the forum. We've had a few discussions that have been good and we played xbox that one time which was cool. We'll definetly get to know eachother better in 2014. :smug:

    Dat Kid - You are one of the few people that make me laugh on the forum. I haven't had a problem you from the start and don't do to this day. I enjoy discussing shit from you time to time and playing on Xbox. It kinda sucks you don't make your RAW reviews anymore, but I still enjoy your posts. You're pretty cool for a black dude. :obama:

    Britanica - You're weird, you're not funny, you suck at video games and you love cats too much. (Wayne > You) You suck.
    Jokes aside, sure you're weird, sure you're not good at video games and sure you're not funny, but aren't we all? Other than me, I'm perfect.
    Anyways, what can I say about Britanica in the year of 2013? :hmm:
    Well for starters, we play xbox together and you suck at every game, so I have to carry you. (Not easy) You spend your nights on so that's weird and you find cats giving rimjobs funny, that's disgusting. You're a sick twisted person, Britta. You're SICK! ly (In a way where Wayne would not beat me up.)

    Lady Deathbane - Remember that time I said we should all play GTA V together? Hahaha, that never happened! :tough: Throwing that all aside, we had our differences at the start of the year, but that's all over. WE ARE ALL NOW COOL! I don't know where the hell you went, apparently Crayo said something to you. Anyways, come back!!!!

    Mustafar Renigald - Even though your love for wrestling isn't as strong as it used to be, I still enjoy reading your insights. You watch Anime, Breaking Bad, Community and Wrestling. Where have you been all my life? I haven't really watched/read any new anime's/mangas yet, so if you have a suggestion, post it in the anime thread.

    Adam - Glad you're not overreacting when people say shit to you. Everyone gets shit on, but who cares what people think about you. Anyways, you're a cool user, but you've got to stop killing me so much on GTA. :sad:

    Gohan - wow yet okay!? me nd you are alike! we both ownly lke woman!? sex >> ice cream
    If i'm wrong, gimme me a OH HELL NO!? ur my bud tho.

    Zach - People usually bash you, but that's because they don't know the real you. You quit the forum and still post, I don't know wtf is going on. You didn't do another Q&A and you should. Keep minimal posting asshole.

    David - Hey man, didn't know you were Canadian. So, we're both Canadian and we both enjoy Teen Wolf? That's dope. We'll start a discussion thread when the show returns.

    Aids - Hey dude. I know we weren't really that cool with eachother at the start, but it seems that's changed now. And you're actually one of my favourite members currently. You have pretty dope tastes in shows and music as well.

    CrayJ Lee - Doesn't get in arguements, semi-active and very nice. If you made semi-active to active, you'd get staff postition in no time. Don't change! :aries:

    Cloud - You know to this day you hold the championship of being the nicest guy on the forum? OH HELL YEAH! Good luck with everything in real life dude. You deserve it.

    Robbie Coletrain - Surprisingly you remind me of my friend. He watches a lot of TV Shows, a lot of which you do as well. And he sees it in a really well perspective, like a directors perspective. I'm assuming you want to do something in the film industry? If you do, you're exactly like my friend! But yeah, we were pretty close back in April and I guess we have Breaking Bad to thank for that because it was awesome getting to know you.

    Jonathan - From a rough start, to having great xbox discussions. I think we view a lot of things the same way, the only difference between you and I, is that I don't speak up like I used to. It would be nice to have change, but the forum is laid back, so there isn't much we can do about it. Anyways, kudos to you running IWT the majority of the time, because I get bored easily just by helping you. :lol1:

    Senhor Perfect - The only Canadian that is active other than me. I think we need to preach how great Canada is to the forum. Compared to us, they're all second rate. TFA IMO! But yeah, you're funny and you have an awesome beard.

    BrockLesnarFanForLife - I know everyone doesn't dislike you, but I do. You suck.

    Anyways, I'm going to leave the site for now. Not sure when I'll be back.
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  2. I'm going to leave now, so later guys. I'll see you whenever I choose to come back.
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  3. Whenever you decide to come back, we'll be here! :obama:
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  4. An its posts like this that make this forum great. We have rocky patches but this is a community and I know I love being part of it. :-)
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  5. N-Nigga <\3
    A big part of the forums just died.
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  6. This was a really cool read to see, hope what ever issues you have clear up soon buddy.
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  7. Muhahahahahaha, one do-I mean... you will be missed, man. Even though sometimes you felt like a small part of the LD's, your presence was definitely felt.
    Hope to see you around again soon after these personal issues quickly get taken care of. *tips hat*
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  8. Thank you for the kind words! I hope you'll be back soon!
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  9. You better come back, or I'm gonna have to go to Canada :tough:
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  10. counting down the seconds until you return
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  11. *minutes

    I forgot I wanted to leave the forum to this song.
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  12. I can't wait until you get back we can listen to it each with one ear bud
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  13. Didn't consider our relationship love/hate :sad:

    I've never hated you lol. Your contribution to this forum has been outstanding and I regret not making you staff sooner.
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  14. :mog: NO!
  15. Senhor Perfect, Im comin fo you nigga :booker:
  16. :damn:
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  17. "People usually bash you, but that's because they don't know the real you."
    Fuckin deep brah. Im gonna miss you, one of my favorite members. Keep it real up in heaven (ur dying, right)
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  18. Nice thread Punk, looking forward for you to come back so I get to know you a lil more.
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  19. You a cool dude, we never got to talk much, and always felt like you disliked me, although you like Teen Wolf. When the show comes back/you come back, shit gon' go down, good luck with your personal issues.
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  20. I'll miss you babe
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