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Discussion in 'RAW' started by CM Punk, Oct 30, 2012.

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  1. So with Jerry returning in two weeks does that mean no more JR? :upset: Hopefully on Smackdown we can have JBL and Jim Ross.
  2. I think Smackdown will be JBL & Matthews if I remember correctly?
  3. It is, but Matthews sucks.
  4. Indeed, I'm not a fan of Matthews, I'm not a fan of Striker either but I would much prefer him.
  5. Matthews is awesome. JBL won't be permanent on SmackDown :upset:
  6. I think Josh Matthews is a good announcer, what's bad about him?
  7. Most people find him bland, I think.

    But yeah, I think that with King back JR is gone. :upset:
  8. Was enjoying having JR & JBL. Now, both of them are gonna be gone in 2 weeks. Lawler should just wait until next year. :sad:
  9. If JBL is available again soon then they need to have him do commentary on SD with JR, with Booker eventually returning to the desk.

  10. JBL is reportedly gonna keep doing Smackdown for a while. He isn't scheduled to climb until January and can save one or two days a week.
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