annoyances where you live

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  1. What are some annoyances where you live... Like things you do not like about your area?

    I live somewhat close to an airport, close enough to where if a plane is landing or taking off from a certain direction, house shakes a little and it always scares the crap outa me. I always think a plane is crashing lol And also, this lady across the street owns some little yappy arse dogs. So annoying when I have the windows open.
  2. The Eagles fans...god damn.
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  3. Too many people.
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  4. Drugs, alcohol, benefit thieves and arsehole teenagers.
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  5. God damn snow right now.
  6. As a good friend of mine once said: "There's nothing special about Knoxville, unless you count our own special kind of dumbass"
    Drunks everywhere, wonderfully absurd people watching, and a few people stupid enough to believe playing soccer means you worship Satan giving our entire region a bad rap.
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  7. Radiation :cole: :downer:
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  8. :haha: :dawg: :sad:
  9. There is nothing here. Absolutely fucking nothing. Nowhere to shop (unless you count Dollar Stores and thrift shops. I hate shopping anyway), nowhere good to eat, one stop light in the whole county, and the court house is the biggest building. The thing that annoys me the most is that the whole county is dry, so you have to drive to the next one to get some beer and whatnot.
  10. haha minnesota has a dry sunday law, so everyone i know who went to school there did a beer run to Wisconsin every sunday morning before football.
  11. Hate living in crowded areas honestly. Wished that I lived in a quieter place, stupid teenagers, snobby people and we get random blackouts.
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  12. I know in KY (where I live) there's no liquor sales in some counties on Sundays, but beer is allowed. Other counties bans all alcohol sales on Sunday. I like to keep a supply of something alcoholic around, but I really don't drink all that much. It's been months since I had a drink.
  13. nothing wrong with having some just in case booze at your disposal
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  14. Hipsters.
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  15. In the middle of looking for a house to buy... I am trying to find one not close to a school to avoid being around teenagers. lmao
  16. and one with enough room for 50+ cats.
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  17. :true:

    no but seriously, I want a big yard and atleast 3 bedrooms. Need a bedroom, office and a pet room just to keep all the animal crap in one area. We are going to get a dog so the yard is important... Specially cause I want a big arse dog. Mean lookin son a muh gun. lmao
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