Annoying Rock mark at it's best.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by SpaceR, Feb 23, 2012.

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  1. Check this out: If your too lazy to click the link or, the thread gets deleted, here:
  2. What people fail to realize is that without the rocks austins hogans etc there would be no punks ortons bryans.
  3. Can't post that link.

    We have the best idiotic Rock mark on this very forum, look above.

  4. a miz mark shouldnt have the right to even use the name of the rock in vain.
  5. Miz > Rock.


  6. would have been mad if it wasnt a kid who was saying it. Not like u can expect anything else from a Canadian kid.
  7. I thought he was from Cornwall?
  8. Lmao another classic post by JeebaK.

  9. Class, my friend, is something u either have or dont have, theres no grey area. I got it. But in your case its completely nil.
  10. Do I have class like you, JeebaK?

  11. Nope. Negative. Sorry. U might have once u grow up though.:no:
  12. If I change into my John Cena gear will I have class?

  13. nope, that would make u idiot. But u already are so whats the difference.
  14. what's*

    1-0 Idiot Crayo.

  15. I would post the grammer nazi video then i realized it would take u half an hour to find the "play" button. :huh:
  16. True, this netbook sucks. By the way it's "grammar" not "grammer".

    2-0 Idiot Crayo
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