Anonymous encourage donations to a homeless man

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    Look at all the people who would have just walked past him normally but because it was being videod and there was a big commotion they gave him some money.

    Great to see. Poor fella crying at the end as well :sad:
  2. Well it's nice to see they've done good for once, but i'm waiting for the next site they attack :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:! Do we have any 4channers on this board?
  3. I go on /b/ like once a week - can't stay on too long though, the douchebaggery and general tardness is too much.
  4. ah nice, If I do go on it's usually /b/ or /MLP/. surprised you don't go on /S/ xD.
  5. Now I know what's wrong with you guys.
  6. XD, I'd agree that both /B/ and /MLP/ are pretty messed up but eventually you just tune out all the bad stuff.
  7. :rock::finger:
  8. Not really, quite the opposite actually.
  9. I watched this vid and im being serious here, this brought me close to tears.
    I wish there was more people being generous like this.
  10. Well, I'm glad someone has a decent opinion on Anon. Just don't Visit /b/, otherwise you might think differently.:sad:
  11. I respect them for doing this, it shows that people do have kindness (but only when someone else starts the trend)
    I was most surprised by the policeman actually taking his wallet out and giving money, most police wouldnt care about the guy and just force the poor man to move.
  12. Yeah, it's sad that it's not just something we do straight away :/. we need to look after other people, because you'd need help if it was you on the street and not in the uniform or even just in normal clothes!
  13. Yep thats right :yes:
  14. glad to see we have nice minded people on the board and not just massive trolls (myself included)!
  15. I cringed as well. Genuinely.
  16. Thanks :otunga: Most times I give spare change to homeless people, I get weird looks or get shouted at, I just tell them its my choice to give them my money, if they dont like it, they can clear off
  17. This is such an awesome video though.
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  18. Yep it is, as i said in a earlier post, it brought me to tears at the niceness of people
  19. Well, some people are baffled by kindness since, in the world nowadays it's a rare thing. Usually only given when people want/need something from you.
  20. Its so true :sad:
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