Anonymous letter from WWE Employee says CM Punk jealous of Daniel Bryan

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Feb 8, 2014.

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  2. I love the HS girl aspects of wrestling politics lol

    I believe it. Punk = pussy
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  3. LOL. Why is this so funny to me.
  4. Whoever wrote that is either an idiot, incredibly biased or both.

    This guy speculates (without much solid reasoning to back up his speculation) that Punk is jealous, yet on the other hand, the way he calls AJ a "little bitch" and insinuates that she's only getting a push because she's in bed with Punk comes off sounding like jealousy of AJ to me (or just bitter hate.) AJ gets good reactions from the crowd (even as a heel) and has been for the past two years, so it's hard to say she got a push or got a chance to 'shoot' on the cast of the Total Divas just because she's sleeping with Punk. And while Punk might be jealous of Bryan, he certainly isn't showing it based on what we know. He's constantly praised Bryan in interviews and the word backstage is that one of the things that frustrated him to the point of leaving was that he felt this should have been Bryan's year instead of Batista's.
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  5. I think it's Hornswoggle.... he's been so quiet lately!
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  6. This person needs to be exposed these letters are getting ridiculous
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  7. Why should he get exposed for expressing his opinions on the CM Punk matter? He's allowed to have his own opinion and express it, even if he wishes to stay anonymous.
  8. Agreed... There is no reason for this person to be exposed. I would actually like to hear more wrestlers/executives speak out anonymously or not... it gives insight into what's going on.
  9. Nobody would believe this for a second if it wasn't about Punk.
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  10. poor punk. woe is he.

    punk fans sound just like punk
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  11. It's true, though. People who hate Punk are irrational in their hatred; they'll believe anything, they'll make up or misconstrue any reason. Nobody mentioned any woe, anyway. Just minor irritation.
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  12. Why do people believe in these 'letters' lol? A fucking WWE wrestler, risking to be exposed and then fired because of a dirtsheet or something? Lmao
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  13. don't generalize punk haters. my hate is perfectly rational thank you
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  14. Given the fact that this guy hates Punk, you can sense it with the way he insulted AJ, so... Nope... I don't buy it:nope:

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  15. waah waah, woe is you
  16. Oh shit, who published my letter? I thought only my mom got this letter!
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  17. watch it
  18. *sniff* *sniff*

    Yep. Smells like bullshit to me.

    Besides that, if there is an actual letter from a "WWE wrestler", that's basically confirmation that this whole scenario is a work.

  19. where did it say it was a wrestler? Says "wwe employee"
  20. I'm jelly of Bryan too
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