Anonymous RAW GM

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Tombstone Piledriver, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. Who was/is he anyway? Seems WWE just stopped using it altogether since HHH/Laurinaitis came.
  2. No one knows tbh. I doubt even the WWE know.
  3. The WWE didn't even know, as said above. They were using it as a filler, in my opinion it should of been foley or Johnny Ace all along. They still could revamp the storyline with it being Nexus all along or something. Maybe that's some Vince Russo booking, but I despise it when WWE drops a storyline like that and expects us all to forget. I mean, at the beginning the Anon GM was using other superstars quotes to get us wondering who he was.
  4. I would have liked to know as well.
  5. This is a good thread though, I say we discuss how we could possibly revamp this whole storyline into one massive Vince Russo style booking :emoji_wink:.
  6. I think SCSA is the best anoynmouse raw GM
  7. The GM was sort of a heel though, so it being SCSA wouldn't work.
  8. I personally hoped it was the 3 faces of Foley.
  9. I did too, I thought that was the one that would actually work too. Because in the end, the GM contradicted himself, so whomever it could of been wouldn't of made sense, apart from Foley or perhaps Johnny Ace :emoji_wink:.