Anonymous WWE Star Rants on Rock

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Feb 21, 2012.

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  1. Interesting.
  2. I bet it's Orton / Punk who said this. Who ever it is he's right however Rocky hasn't helped anyone, he could have put the corre over huge when they attacked him and Cena instead they just hit their finishers on them.
  3. Yeah Punk or Orton were the first two that came to my mind, and Ziggler for some reason.

  4. It may be someone like Dolph with it being anonymous actually, I can't see Punk or Orton not adding their name to it. It doesn't seem to be their style.
  5. Why don't they just come out and reveal themselves? If they're not shy enough about speaking their minds, then why not just come out and let everyone know whose opinion this is?

  6. Two scenarios
    1) They don't want to be fired for speaking out against a top guy.
    2) It's dirtsheet BS so they can't attach a name as it never happened.
  7. Because they would get in deep trouble backstage.
  8. Do you think it's possible for Rock to get louder boo's than Cena at WM @[seabs]

  9. I can't see Rock getting booed anywhere especially not in Miami tbh. He's too much of a legend.
  10. Rock will never get boo'd. Think back to CM Punk in Chicago at MITB @[RKO] , imagine that at WM but 4X louder.
  11. Would they really get into much trouble for speaking their opinion on The Rock, a guy who isn't a full-time wrestler anymore? Cena, Orton and Punk didn't get into trouble for speaking their minds about him. And it shouldn't make a difference whether they themselves are a top guy or not.

    Also, I wonder if it's Jericho who is saying it.

  12. It does make a difference where you are on the card. Imagine you're Vince and two guys step up and make a controversial comment, one makes you $2 million and one makes you $100,000 which one would you take action against?
  13. Of course they would, Rock's there biggest draw for Wrestlemania this year this year, can't have superstars bad mouthing him etc. Punk and Orton are two big guys, they can do and say as they please. Cena is in a feud with him, he's allowed to say what he wants.

    And no, Jericho & Rock are good friends.
  14. Rocky is a legend.. That's for sure. I wish I would of went with Dan to his conferance in Texas last summer. Dan was there with the Rock talking about WWE.

    Dan Severin by the way, he's my wrestling coach... When I'm able to wrestle again.

  15. I will quote what i mentioned before repeatedly in some other threads "i know the rock quite well, he isnt the type of guy whos gonna come back just to put others over".

    But the thing i dont agree with this annonymus guy is that he makes it sound bad. I respect the rock BECAUSE he doesnt like to put others over him. About time someone kept their self esteem, and not sell it to vince for money. Look at what guys like foley have become. Once legends, now jobbers. Jericho would have been regarded as a far bigger legend if he didnt come back to get beaten by punk and orton just for some money.
    U can talk about their passion for wwe and unselfishness as much as u want, but the truth is none of them would have been here to show their "unselfishness" if vince didnt pay them for it. In the end its all about money.

    The fact that rock has all kept his head high, makes him the most electryfying man in the sports entertainment, thats why rock will always be rock and the jerichos and foleys will always be behind him, even though jericho got twice in ring skills than him and foley has teared his body 10x time than rock has.

    Thats what people love about rocky. The electryfying guy whos talks to himself in 3rd person whos always entertaining with the mic and doesnt let a single person, jobber or legend get over him, thats why theres always so much hype over him.

    The only person he legitemately put over in his whole carrier was Brock Lesner and Brock was a far better wrestler than cena will ever be.

    I can understand the frustation of some of the guys like Dolph and Orton though because of suddenly moving out of the limelight because of Rock.

    I dont think its punk though, they seem to get along well at twitter.
  16. Yeah if this was anonymous, how would you EXACTLY know it is a WWE Superstar though?

    My guess is someone in the mid-card, but not Punk because Punk has already given his thoughts about the Rock a numerous amount of time.
  17. I'm having a strange feeling that it might be The Miz, I don't know why. Whoever it is, he's got a point.
  18. Miz is a BIG Rock fan, he's based his whole career and persona on him.
  19. I didn't know that! Maybe... Trent Barreta? Hehe.

  20. Thats an insult to the Rock :dodgy:
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