Anonymous Xbox engineer explains DRM and Microsoft's Xbox One intentions

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Crayo, Jun 14, 2013.

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    Awesome read. Too much formatting to post it here, so go there and read it. Definitely makes me think of the Xbox One in a different light. He is right when he said Xbox have just told the story horribly. Doing this sort of revolution behind your customers' back makes no sense at all though; Sony were inevitably going to take advantage of that.
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  2. Great read, I've said since day 1 i'm getting an Xbox One.
  3. This guy should be in charge of selling this product.

    He has changed my thoughts on the Xbox One. I still don't plan on buying it at launch because I want to see what console is the best but he's made me a little more open minded to what they're doing with the Xbox One.
  4. Shared the interview on my Facebook. A good read that is.
  5. :no: B-but then I can't make any Microsoft jokes! :upset:

    Good for them I guess, at least they went into detail...but still :george:
  6. Although looking at the comments there, and the poll, people seem to not care about this interview. :hmm:
  7. Let's be real, all people care about is there money. :pity:
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  8. Let's be real, internet people follow the hate blindly :pity:
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  9. Ehmergerd, Bieber and Cena suck. :angry:

  10. [​IMG]
    Welcome to the internet, where fucking morons can get 18 likes. death what do you think about this?
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    *23 lkes
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    here's my thought.

  13. "whatever if you don't like us go play the ps4" Didn't really sell it to me, but in steam it's pretty easy to share accounts. If my buddy wants to play a game I have he gets on my account and i'll use his. No licence fee required and all you have to do is download the game. It's a comparison, but they still put limits on it which I hate. The 24 hour rule is shit, because you can play a steam game offline anytime. I can turn my wifi off right now and my steam game would play just fine for the next 3 years without me logging.
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    Fucking idiotic comment, to say the least. Lol
    This is why I stay away from conversations about music with most people, because A LOT of them say shit like this. :facepalm:

    If people really think the following "all sound the same" then I don't even know what to say...
    Show Spoiler

    Another pet peeve I have is people calling Heavy Metal music and fans "emo". Fucking retards.
    I can understand people not liking this style of music, that's fine, definitely not something for everyone. But they need to keep their fucking stupid and baseless comments to themselves.
  15. I actually call a friend of mine that is in a clear Metal band emo just to fuck with him lol. He hates it.
  16. Microsoft can try to spin this until they are blue in the face that it's not as bad as it seems, but it's total bullshit.

    Sony won this war, but it isn't even a war. Microsoft commited suicide(can redeem themselves and i'll explain later) Sony has NO RESTRICTIONS on how you use your games. Trade, sell, or give away games. There is no forced online activity for the console. It's the same feature set as the 360 and ps3, and well every console ever created. It's really ashame that microsoft has pushed DRM to the point that not having DRM(that's never exisited before)is a sellable feature? Not only that but trying to convince themselves that it could even win a console war.

    Sony has more exclusives than Microsoft has launhing titles....... Here is a misconception though, developers on sony have the option to use DRM(which is basically how it is now) EA most notably pushes the limit on this shit now. If you're publishing for the ps4, you'd be a fool to try to publish a game with some sort of DRM on it after the backlash from microsoft. The ps4 gives you an option to publish drm games, the xbox one givers you NO option. EVERY disc you put into the system has to conform to their restrictive policies.

    Here is something that xbox is trying to sell us now, they are giving you 2 free games a month for their xbox live service. NEWS FLASH playstation plus has been doing this already (15 FREE GAMES last month) NOT ONLY is it cheaper but they give you more games, and guess what WWEFORUMS it's less restrictive! You ONLY need playsation plus on ps4, for online multiplayer gaming. YOU DON'T need it for subscriptions to netflix, flixter, whatever the hell app you sink your money into. MICROSOFT though, restrictions! You have to have gold to watch something you already pay for, awesome logic.

    The only thing Microsoft can do(and i believe it will happen, but not right away) Is remove these awful restrictions on their system, but it will only happen once we all BUY a ps4. Microsoft will ultimately do what will make them the most money, but guess what this christmas season you will see SONY beat the bricks off of Microsoft. Such a shame for a guy that has loved xbox since the original.
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  17. It's hard to believe that Microsoft would fuck up this bad with the 8 years given to them. (With most general fans)
    Still buying though, lol.
  18. tip for anyone who is gunna buy an xbox one don't do something stupid and get yourself banned you will loose all your games
  19. Yeah, I don't think anyone here is buying an XBOX One bro lol
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  20. The thing that rubs me the wrong way the most is that Don Mattrick told a reporter at E3, "good news, those of you that are concerned and don't have consistant internet, we have a device for you, the xbox 360" Which translates to JUST BUY A 360 YOU POOR PIECES OF SHIT, YOU NO INTERNET HAVING MOTHER FUCKERS. JUST GET A 360 CUZ YOU SUCK. DON'T BUY OUR NEW PRODUCTS, WE DON'T WANT YA, WE DON'T NEED YA. KISS OUR ASS!

    Don Mattrick I want you to know something incase you ever stumble into wweforums. I know of another offline device. IT'S CALLED THE PLAYSTATION FUCKING 4!
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