Another Award Idea.

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by RoyalRaven, Feb 28, 2013.

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  1. Gonna keep this short and sweet, have an award for the amount of time spent online. I see it everytime I log on and check my profile. So why not award someone for say having a month's worth of time spent online. It seems pointless to track a stat like that and now have some kind of award for it.

    Now I can see the picture being of a small Calender or something.
  2. Already had it. Got removed.
  3. Oh fair enough, close the thread then.
  4. And what about an award for those who keep posting here, who are loyal to this site, I don't know, it could be a good idea.

    People who signed up in a year and their counter is in more than 15 posts per day
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  5. There are a lot awards that's based on post counts. An award for veteran members (over 1 year registered and active) sounds good though.
  6. What I wanted to say is not to count the posts because I know there are a lot of them, is only a stipulation to award. They can be veteran but have almost no posts so I think they wouldn't deserve it
  7. What about the stooge award? You get it for kissing Crayo's ass. I must have earned that shit by now
  8. Genuinely tempted to add this, and have it as just your award.
  9. A kiss ass award... You can call it KMAC. :dawg:
  10. Crayo introducing people into his Kiss My Ass Club would be fucking awesome!
  11. :yes:

    DO IT CRAYO! DO IT! :angry:
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