Another boring episode of SD

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Feb 17, 2012.

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  1. Only redeeming qualities:

    Mark Henry/Big Show backstage segment
    Primo/Epico vs Usos
    Barrett/Rhodes backstage segment, but it was really short
    Johnny Ace/Otunga showing up in Teddy's office

    Santino in the EC?? Good God that's awful
  2. As someone else said here, Santino in the EC will probably be used as the guy someone takes out beforehand. My guess is Drew.

  3. Hopefully it's Christian who wins setting up a triple threat with Bryan and Sheamus for Mania. That match would be phenomenal.
  4. Fantasy-booking-which-has-a-chance-to-take-place

    Marking! God I'd love it.
  5. I got a little movement in my penis thinking about this scenario, but WWE won't let it happen
  6. Vince*

    Christian and Drew are my hopefuls. Drew stood out last year in the chamber. Christian is one of the best workers, so either way it's good news.
  7. If Henry's knee is okay I wouldn't mind him. I'd like to see him smash Great Khali through the chamber glass

  8. Even if his knee isn't strong enough to work the match seeing him charge into the chamber as someone is leaving after being eliminated causing destruction and leaving would keep his monster character relevant.
  9. I wonder how long it will be before the crowds turn Mark Henry into a babyface...

    my reaction: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  10. I wouldn't mind Henry as an anti-hero face who beats up the bad guys and gets cheered for it. If they turned him babyface like they do most guys, no thanks
  11. If "Somebody gon' hurt Somebody"....

    he'd better hurt everybody.

    Mark Henry, doesn't need friends. He likes hurting people... He likes to eat

    Don't any of you people get this..... he's hungry for a championship, he's a silverback... it's his jungle

    If Mark Henry literally swallows Justin Gabriel whole, who are we to take away that God-given right of his
  12. Henry is awesome. He's got an uncanny ability to be a complete badass and hilarious all at the same time when he speaks.

    When Big Show came into Long's office, Henry looks at Teddy 'YOU HOLD ON A SECOND', turns to Show 'I don't need this from you . You wait YO TURN. Now you take yo HEAVY BREATHIN and take that DROOLIN somewhere else'
  13. That's the problem, we think its funny.... but he IS being serious

    Don't rattle his cage.... you're putting your hand inside. and you're thinking its going to come back out

    You people think Mark Henry is just caching a check... when Mark Henry doesn't know what a check IS

  14. Exactly what I'm hoping it to be.
  15. This company, I swear...

    For the past month, Smackdown's been awful. Raw's been so ever since CM Punk came back after a week. Ever since I joined this site, after 160+ posts I don't think i've had a single good word to say about WWE, this show has done nothing but piss me off.

    There's no chance of it happening, but if Drew Mcintyre walks out with that belt, every bit of ill will I have towards this damn company will be gone. Everything's really set up for him to deliver some epic shoots if he won, he could shoot on a whole bunch of crap with Teddy, about Aksana, about Natalya getting TV time to fart and Daniel Bryan running around talking about being a vegan, while noone had faith in him. Well, look at me now, bitches! Yeah, the fans wouldn't buy it, they wouldn't use him right (of course), he'd be back in jobberville for about 2 years (see Swagger, Jack). He'll probably be there anyway, so just throw the belt on him and see what happens!
  16. Mark Henry's push has ended unfortunately. He was a draw, legitimately intimidating, could work decently for a big guy and is good on the mic, why did they end it so fast? I understand he was injured, but why have Show bury him?

    I'd love for Drew to feud with Bryan and Sheamus for the title, would be awesome, but isn't happening my friend. Same goes for Christian.
  17. You forget, Gabriel vs Slater on the apron, during the battle Royal that was pretty good. I believe Big Zeke should be in, he scored 3 eliminations like Santino. Click here to see who eliminated who
  18. I'll be honest, I didn't even watch the Jobber Royal
  19. With out hte end of SmackDown I though Sd was an ok show but that just me.
  20. Yeah, no kidding...

    They should just stop trying to make full heels/full faces all the time. Have some guys (Kane, Henry) who would just go out and whoop anyone's ass that lay eyes on them, so you could throw them at either a heel or a face world champion... Screw it. This is WWE we are talking about, I wouldn't trust them to tie their shoes or make a sandwich right now, more less competently book a wrestling show.
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