Another Brazilian hit song?

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  1. So, we have had this one:

    Michel Teló - Ai Se Eu Te Pego

    This one is pretty hot right now:

    Gusttavo Lima - Balada Boa

    And I found this one a few days ago. New hit song in the running?

    Joäo Lucas & Marcelo - Tchu Tcha Tcha

    Sounds really good to me.

    Any other songs like this that are hot right now @[Leo C]?
  2. Those songs are known abroad? :upset:

    So... basically, these three songs that you posted are famous and you always hear them everywhere right now, lots of people listen to those. However, I'm not into this style of music, unlike pretty much everyone else here. There may be some new stuff around, I'm not sure, but those three are the biggest hits today.

    Just out of curiosity though, do you guys understand the lyrics?
  3. I know that Michel Telo's song is about something like: If I could get you.
    Gusttavo Lima sings about partying and his car, but I don't know what the newer song is about. I know some Portugese words cuz of some Brazilian family..
  4. First song I can't watch because it's not available in my country. I love these foreign songs though. Post the first one (from a different uploader).
  5. I wish I understood them.
  6. @[Crayo]


    But @[Leo C], how can you dislike this? I mean.. It's something Brazilian right? What do you like then?
  7. Thanks boss.
  8. [video=youtube][/video]

    You can't hate on this.
  9. I can't but it's old.. :upset:

    :emoji_wink: Nice one.
  10. It is Brazilian, yes. It's expected you'd like them, considering that they are foreign for you guys, and they sound catchy. But they are the type of songs that are normally played at nightclubs and stuff like that, they pretty much make references to sex, late night dancing in an extremely crowded place with lights that blind you while you're drinking, smoking and doing drugs (doesn't make a difference if you're underage) and similar things. My big problem is with the lyrics though, so it makes sense if you like them and I don't. I do like some other brazilian songs/musicians though.

  11. We had this guy in the yearly competition for who gets to represent Sweden at Eurovision. If I ever become a wrestler I'm ripping that entrance even though I'm not of middle eastern origin.

    To clarify he is rapping about moving from the middle east to Sweden and meeting Swedish women and being treated like a king. All done to piss off a racist party thats taken form among Swedish rednecks.
  12. Not sure what it has to do with the thread but okay..

    This is the woman who will represent Holland.. :facepalm:


  13. This girl will rep Sweden. Song doesn't brake any new ground to be honest but it makes for some sick dubstep and house mixes.
  14. Ain't thad bad, but enough with the Eurovision thing..

    On-topic again..
  15. The video's not avaiable in my country. :urm:
  16. I despise YouTube.
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