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    Good news.
  2. "These are the fans who cheer Cena at every turn, who scream bile from the stands and whose brains defensively zoom to a "happy place" whenever Justin Roberts yells that “JOOOOOHHHHHNNNN CEEEEEEEEEEEEENNNNAAAA!!!” is in the building."

    You gotta love the intensity and power behind those two words that Justin Roberts says. I have to admit, I like Cena just about as much as I like Orton, and that's saying something.

    #Let'sGoCena is my side, my choice. However, I do agree that Cena has lost his aggression. I liked him better back when he was in the chain gang! I disagree with the comments that say "Cenas in-ring performance sucks", and "Cena runs away like a coward".

    I do love John Cena :emoji_heart:
  3. Would you welcome a John Cena heel turn @[RKO]?

    Even his hardcore fans want that. Maybe not the kids. He definitely is underrated as a wrestler, he's had so many good matches and a lot of great ones too.
  4. When you watch RAW you think "Nah WWE are going to back out and just have him rise above hate" but then articles like this make you think. They need to make the turn, if they don't it's fatal.
  5. Quite honestly @[Crayo], I would love John Cena to have a heel change. Maybe then, he will get that ruthless aggression back, and people won't dis him near as much. Honestly, Cena probably had the best Debut into the WWE. (Not winning wise, performance wise), against Kurt Angle. I liked him better when he ran his mouth and got the job done.. Especially to Taker! Cena was a badass.

    If Cena had a heel change, which is coming after WWE in my predictions, he will be back to his badass self. I'm really thinking that Cena will face Kane at No Way Out, and that will be the end of the feud. Then Cena will start to lose more and more respect heading up to Wrestlemania. Then he will beat The Rock, do the AA on him, then turn heel a week or two after.
  6. Agree with him needing the aggression part, part of it confused me though.

    1) Do you mean face Kane at Royal Rumble? I don't think they'll do this, Cena & Kane not being in the rumble isn't wise. It's Kane's match.

    2) I don't see it ending straight away either, they've gone too deep to just abandon it after 1 PPV, plus who would Kane or Cena feud with after RR? Of course I could be wrong if WWE do want Cena to be WWE Champion going into WM.

    3) Why would he turn heel 2 weeks after wrestlemania? Best place to do it is there and then. Have him beat Rock, Rock goes to shake his hand like Rock & Hogan did years ago for a classic moment, then Cena just AA's him or beats the crap out of him leaving WM as the mega-heel he should be.
  7. 1) Do you mean face Kane at Royal Rumble? I don't think they'll do this, Cena & Kane not being in the rumble isn't wise. It's Kane's match.

    Nope, I mean No Way Out. The PPV after Royal Rumble.

    Cena won't be in the RR because he will be facing Rock at WM. Or, if he is in the rumble, he will surely not win. You could be right though about Cena turning heel right then and there. My only theory is that Cena will AA The Rock after the match. Then, the next week, come down to the ring and talk about his "Rise above Hate" thing. It's pretty obvious. That's why I said two weeks after WM.

    As for Cena and Kanes feud. I'm hoping it last for another 6 weeks or so. I find it pretty interesting now, because Cena is getting way beyon pissed, and as you could see last week, Cena's aggression is starting to come back, but slowly. My question is though, Is this prepairing Cena for WM against The Rock. Also, if Cena wins RR, will he have two matches at WM?
  8. No Way Out isn't after RR, Elimination chamber is isn't it?

    As for Cena, he won't win it but will most likely be in it. Maybe Kane eliminates him, or even Rock.