Another CM Pu.......WHAT ?

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  1. Helloo peeps,

    thought I'd stop by and introduce myself seems the 'right' thing to do

    So, hello I'm Nathan live in the Uk. 21 year old !
    Massive fan of;
    Football ( soccer to you Americans :smug: )

    So, anyway, yeah. Hi ! :otunga:
  2. Hey buddy saw you in the RAW thread last night!

    Welcome on board!
  3. Welcome to the forum.

    What football team do you support? and who's your favourite F1 driver?
  4. hi again
  5. Yeah i spent the first night hanging in the RAW forum :smug:, find it quite interesting to chat along while RAW is on.

    Thanks Cloud.


    Thanks Lacky.

    Sunderland AFC !!
    usually the Brit boys, Lewis Hamilton & Jenson Button.
    But im hoping Fernando Alonso takes the championship this weekend :smug:

    *also sorry for the replys, its the only way my work PC will let me comment* :upset:

    Oh and Hi again Lackin :otunga:
  6. Always appreciate another person from the UK s well.
  8. Ah cool, you're not the only Sunderland fan then as @[Jonathan] is also a Sunderland fan.

    I've been a massive fan of Schumacher ever since I started watching Formula One around 10 years ago. :obama:
  9. Welcome to the forum man :emoji_slight_smile:

    Was nice speaking to you in the discussion thread last night.
  10. I'm never the only sunderland fan, we're everywhere :smug:

    Sweet, for all the bad things he's done through his career you can not fault him for 7 world championships !!!
    He did what he needed to do, he'll be missed on the grid im sure :otunga:
  11. I was actually viewing the thread last night in bed whilst trying to sleep but I can't... by god this is what I got.

    "Ryback Opening"

    "Feed him more"


    lol.. :pity1:
  12. Remind you of anyone? :pity1:

    Lol at you skipping discussion threads but lurking in them :lol1:
  13. Summed it up nicely :pity:

    Although you did miss the bit were Cena 'fell over', i believed he was injuried legitimatly
    This is for you Cena :finger:
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  14. I know it's like your fans breed everywhere. :dawg: - And Yeah I know it will be sad to see him go. I'm sure it's the best thing to do though given his age and how many DNF's he's had this season.

    Hopefully he'll stick around in some capacity.
  15. Welcome again! :emoji_slight_smile:)
  16. I wasn't watching the product, I was on my tablet in bed.. couldn't sleep so had to do something. :pity:
  17. £££ on the bet he's an 'Advisor' for Ferrari :pity:
  18. Also, where did you find the site? :emoji_slight_smile:
  19. Typed wwe forums in Google.
    Simple !
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