Another Craigslist Killer

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  1. I know a lot of you must've read something about this case when it initially came out into the news media outlets. But there's been some recent weird developments in the case.

    Initially it started off as an arrest for a 19 year old woman who had killed a man she met on craigslist, during the investigation the alledged craigslist killer stated that she not only killed the man, but she has also killed 22 others as apart of a satanic cult.

    This trick is nuts yo!

    Here's a recent link to the story:

    This case is definitely a whole lot weirder than that of the person that the movie "The Craigslist Killer" was based off of, Philip Markoff.
    People are sickkk :emoji_slight_frown:
  2. the movie was based off a real dude, and killers are nothing compared to some of the freaks on craigslist.

    The real interesting ones were suicide help ad, someone getting fed his penis, and tons of setup sexual assaults and torture via using someone elses email/address/phone # etc.
  3. Yeah i know I said that, Phillip Markoff.
    Idk I thought sacrifices for Satanic Rituals for a cult was a pretty whackadoo one.
  4. People are messed up.
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  5. Real life Dexter, no issues here. If you play with fire, get burned, amirite pedos?

  6. All I'm gonna say is Wow, women can't bitch about guys to me again xD!
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