Another Dean Ambrose tribute thread.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jul 14, 2012.

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  1. For those who don't know him, here's two tribute vids of his older stuff and his more recent FCW stuff.


    Believe the hype, he's awesome.
  2. Gonna give FCW a shot right now since a person I subscribed too uploaded a full episode, look foreward to seeing im.
  3. Is he still on FCW?
  4. :dafuq: Isn't he? I'm waiting on it to load since it's slow.
  5. He might be just to keep ring fresh I suppose. I have no idea.
  6. Just checked the roster, he's still in there
  7. I think they're kept there until after they debut in a few cases, so at least until he debuts he'll be there.
  8. They might keep him in both too, I see Antonio is there too, along with Mason Ryan.
  9. why crayo has such a boner over this guy? :haha:
  10. He needs his own subsection / forum. The guy is incredible.
  11. If this guy doesn't debut a week from tomorrow I will be raging.
  12. This!
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