Another Giant squid washes ashore on the California coast.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Nobody, Jan 12, 2014.

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    Scientists are blaming radioactive gigantism. Either way, this is insanely interesting, but there have been other giant seamonsters that have washed ashore before the nuclear issues in Japan. So damn cool. Share your stories here, or read it and forget about it.
  2. I'm pretty sure there are even much larger fellas deep down there, squids, octopusses and even gian sea serpants. Remember, we know more about the space than we know about our oceans. There are many, many terrifying fishermen stories from centuries ago about sea monsters.
  3. hell yeah. The most interesting stuff is the fact that most of them previously had washed ashore due to the pressure of the ocean changing and killing them. If it isn't radioactive gigantism, just imagining how old it must be.
  4. Radioactive my ass, most of the scientists are charlatans anyway. The poor fella might got old and died, simple as that. I bet the squid from the article is at least 150 years old.
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    apparently this one in spain 2013 must have been radioactive there as well. 2004 Japan also.

    There are a grip of places calling it a hoax in California, even though the Huffington Post has also posted an article on it. Some people are just happier with their heads buried in the sand, and i don't get it. It's not an alien, and we know next to nothing about the species that are in the depths of the ocean we cannot get to. Oh well.
  6. inb4 Cthulhu awakens from his slumber
  7. Yeah, that pic is pretty common. I remember watching a show on NG years ago, they spotted a giant ass blue whale a mile down deep, and they also spotted a giant squid marks all over it/him/her, lol. What a fight that must've been. Imagine the size of a that squid.
  8. I remember that show too. I am gonna go search it out.
  9. Giant Squid vs Giant ass Blue Whale for the WWE World Heavyweight championship>>>Randy Orton's promos
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  10. Looks like the price of calamari in Cali just went down.
  11. You do know this is a hoax right? lolol
  12. did you not read my 2nd post brita?
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  13. :troll:
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