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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Roadster, Feb 16, 2014.

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  1. So all of our IWT promotions, IWT, PWGP and so on, their all promo based making actual action a mis.

    How about we have either another a match type where participants give match scenarios.

    So basically....

    Roadster vs Example #1

    And i talk about what happens in the match, and so on

    What about it?

    If it was a match what will be the downside? and what about a name, i personally think it should be called a Extreme Rules match.
  2. Well, firstly, suggestions for IWT don't go here. This is for site suggestions. PM me with your IWT suggestions and I'll pass them to creative to see what they think.

    Also; that would be horrendous. Whoever 'writes' the match will obviously show bias and it takes away the whole point of IWT, writing promos to compete. Why would someone want to be in a match where they can't write their own promos to win? Seems pointless.
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  3. lmao you really have to get more descriptive, it took 3 reads to get you mean you want it like ACW did, where people write out the action. Nick and others have suggested doing it before, but we never really cemented out the ideas. I voted I dont care because it isn't a horrible idea, but as jono said, IWT suggestions go to PM and eventually will make their way to voting in creative or in IWT itself.
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