Another Joey Ryan Shoot: Voice of the IWC.

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Snowman, Jul 4, 2012.

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  1. Great shoot on WWE, and how now is TNA's chance to get their name out there. Ripping the hypocrisy of Taz, the leadership of Dixie... Just an excellent video. This guy's making a real star out of himself.
  2. Awesome :yay:
  3. I'm not a fan of his promo style or delivery, but the content is spot on. I really hope WWE sees this.
  4. Like Crayo I think his delivery can be a bit off at time but the content was stellar if a bit exaggerated but that is the reason of a promo. WWE ain't close to making financial losses but it was smart of Ryan to play of that.
  5. Can't disagree, but he's done some good promos in the past.
    The promo was terrible, but the content had me marking like crazy.

    Really don't want to see Joey Ryan vs Taz at BFG... waste of time. If they want to piss it away at Hardcore Justice or something in a hardcore match, that may be pretty cool
  6. love his taz dis in the beginning, his style is on point when he takes off the towel like the old shoots, his shit is gold IMO. Joey Ryan will be so big, or a legend who never got what he deserved.

    ETA: Love the shameful hit. This dude is the beast.
  7. To be honest this is a fantastic example that content of the show regardless is more important than who's doing it. Ryan is no CM Punk/Jericho on the mic or in TNA's terms he's no Roode or Ray, but the content of this promo is spot on (bar the financial point ofc). WWE did genuinely turn the next SCSA into a bitch. Though since this is a work I have no idea why most of this promo is bagging WWE, and not TNA. I guess it's to get as much internet buzz as they can on Ryan and this is a good way to do it because they sure as hell can't televise that promo.
  8. [yt][/yt]

    Anyone else see the similarities between these two promos, look beyond the speech.
  9. I don't see it tbh. The content is pretty different if you compare. I guess bagging on the backroom is similar but tons of promos have had that quality.
  10. That's exactly why he's doing it, and he's pointing out that there's no reason that TNA shouldn't be the #1 wrestling company in the world right now, like we've said on here many times. (Although the biggest issues are advertising and getting on a different network, not star power, obv)

    I think his point with "losing money" was really "not drawing nearly as much as they can", how they turn these potential money-making ratings-drawing machines like CM Punk (when he was the next Austin) into corporate-safe, kid-friendly crap, and push guys like Cena who can bring in casual viewers for the short-term but not keep anyone attached to the product, instead of taking a chance and finding the next Rock who can entertain you night in and night out.

    If that was the case, it should have been worded a hell of a lot better.
  11. But a full out shoot promo like this is could have been done a lot better if it will eventually all be linked into an awesome feud, which I'm presuming it is. The occasional shot at WWE is great, but this seemed a bit full out hating on WWE for the right reasons but a bit less concentrated on TNA. They can't televise any of that hate on WWE.
  12. I see it seabs. And for crayo and rainman, its not what you expect it to be, and that makes me like it even more. Im tired of people who conform to an ideal, and i like his offstyle of speaking and promos. His in ring stuff is great, and he's no GOAT but Joey Ryan is star quality, and no one can deny it.
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