Another Knockout Set To Depart?

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  1. :facepalm1:
  2. :sad: Fire Brooke, save the Knockouts. Saw Winter in a match before, I thought she was pretty good...
  4. No TV time, sitting at home, not making money...
  5. :((

    Bruce Pritchard. Dave Lagana. I'm a big fan of you guys, and I know you were given a rough hand with her "Time-Traveling Lesbian Vampire" gimmick (thanks, FK9!), but Winter is awesome, and it's downright criminal how they've misused both her and Sarita. Besides, they re-gimmicked her with a plain "dark seductress" gimmick that worked perfectly on Xplosion, why couldn't you try that on TV? The Earl Hefner storyline would work so much better if she was part of it.

    It's a shame, she's my favorite woman's wrestler. Hope someone picks her up soon... well, someone besides WWE.
  6. ^Totally agree. Kudos.
  7. TNA looks like a lot of fun for a short bit, but not a place to be long-term. I feel for some of those guys who'd like to have the opportunity to work each week.
  8. Sad if true. Winter is one of the most talented women wrestlers in the business today. With the right experience and booking, I think she has the capacity to be as big as Gail Kim or Mickie James.

  9. She was fantastic in WWE!!!

    If she goes back there I'd be happier
  10. WWE needs to pick up Winter.. Winter is hott and a badass wrestler.
  11. :facepalm1: I hope anybody but WWE picks her up.
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