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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Solid Snake, Jul 28, 2016.

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  1. "While Angle has not had to work the tough full-time WWE schedule for about a decade now, he has worked at a high level with TNA. Therefore, he certainly has miles on him. Interestingly, Angle said he would be open to one last year-long return. If he goes to WWE, he may take up that tough schedule to ultimately end it at WrestleMania and ride off into the sunset. Whether or not this happens is yet to be determined, however.

    As far as the timetable on when Kurt Angle could return to WWE, if he is signing back on, one would imagine they would want him back sooner rather than later. WWE SummerSlam could use another top name, especially WWE SmackDown. If he did return, the perfect time either would be right before, the night of, or right after SummerSlam. We’ll have to wait and see what happens with him. The way talks are rumored, it does seem like a deal is possible."


    I wouldn't mind seeing him come back. I know this has been a rumored thing for awhile now though. Seems like there is a new one every year. One year long return finishing up at Wrestlemania would be good imo. Give some of the older fans a chance to see him one last time in the WWE and the new fans to experience it.
  2. But... I don't think both of these things can happen...

    The point is that man probably has dates. A return would likely be around Rumble time for a last run into Mania.
  3. I've given up on him returning to WWE. Would mark out if he showed up, obviously.
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  4. I would rather see him return to TNA at this point.
  5. That'd be highly unlikely.
  6. this nigga related to Chris Angel?
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  7. Oh, man. I've just now read who your source is. I should've known.

    Please, do not take anything from Inquisitr. They are BS.
  8. The source is notorious for spreading bullshit "news" and "rumors".

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  9. LOL'd I'll fix that
  10. It is a rumor site so are you surprised? lol I posted it as a rumor either way. This stuff happens every year, not just on Inquisitr
  11. My hopes are gone for angle returning, but if he did, the crowd would blow the fuck up. I would make and die 3 times in a row.
  12. Yeah, but... Here, Roadie put it best:

  13. :okay:
  14. Unrelated to the actual article, I have no doubt that he will eventually return in some capacity. It's really just the way things go in wrestling. Even if he doesn't wrestle, he will eventually at some point in the future appear on WWE television again. WWE is so high on making these surprise returns that it's way too likely that they will want to use him returning as a surprise.
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  15. I'm thinking the same thing. Vince knows the fans would love a return so be it in ring or not, he will eventually be back in some form. People will go nuts.
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