Another masked wrestler?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by catlady, Feb 11, 2013.

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  1. Rey is on his way out and Sin Cara is all they have left.
    I would like to see another masked wrestler.

    I don't count Kane cause he was unmasked.

    Anyone else?
  2. El Generico if they let him keep it.
  3. ADR was a masked wrestler but they didn't want him in a mask. I just want like one or 2 more. Or some guys with face paint. It adds character to the company.
  4. If it has a story behind it.
  5. Well yeah, no one would want some random guy in a mask!
  6. Don't need to yell... :downer:
  8. oh yeah, well :finger:
  9. I didn't say he wasn't sweet. I like Kane.. They should have never unmasked him. :pity:
  10. Phew... :phew:

    You're my friend again.

  11. his best work came when he unmasked, they should have kept him as a monster heel, the mask doesnt really matter to me :angry::woo1::mad1::willis::pity1::adr::maybe::wtf::ksi::pipebomb::sandow::testify::rock:
  12. Not even close. He had a good run when he was first unmasked, but he had lost the mystique by then because of the unmasking, he was just another heel wrestler.

    His best run was when he first came to wwf, that was the baddest heel ever in the history of wrestling.
  13. when he first unmasked he was awesome. Setting JR on fire and roasting Shane's nuts :dawg: Their matches were like constant spots
  14. :haha::lol1:
  15. Yeah, It wouldn't hurt to put the mask back on ADR.
    Or turn Hunico into Sin Cara Negro again.
    I remember Sheamus used to have some war paint on his face, that wouldn't hurt to bring back.
  16. Rey Mysterio was unmasked at one point too, you're just bias against Kane!

    Anyway, I couldn't care less honestly. I like masks and all but I'm content with what we got right now.
  17. Nah, vince was or georgous george, or rick flair, or rowdy piper, or macho man, or jericho, or eddie guerrero,
  18. El Generico or Samuray Del Sol.
  19. I hope Generico keeps his mask, so I think he'll fill that category along with Sin Cara.
  20. Hunico we already know makes a good masked wrestler but instead oh him being a masked heel they made him to the generic border hopping Mexican from the "barrio" for some reason I have yet to comprehend.
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