News Another New Member Of The Wyatt Family Coming?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Prince Bálor, Aug 27, 2015.

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    If this is true, then... Mika Rotunda? She is Bray's real-life sister after all.
    Not sure if introducing Abigail as the real person would work, though.
  2. This idea floats around every few months, and it is always just as dumb in my opinion.

    Abigail has clearly been established as being a dead nun. Imagine Katie Vick showing up as a gimmick.
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  3. Katie Vick was awful in general and Kane didn't have a finishing move named after her... So the circumstances are a little different. But, I agree that it might not be the best move. She might've seen as an equal to bray or more "powerful." Which could be really good or really bad.
  4. Doesn't take away the fact that the Abigail character is dead. As in stone cold dead.
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  5. Yes I said I agree in general and odds are it would be a bad move
  6. I'd love to see a female member included as part of the Wyatt Family. Given that Bray's real-life sister is having a tryout, maybe she'll be the one to eventually fill that role.

    But Sister Abigail being introduced as a flesh-and-blood character on-screen would be a huge mistake.
  7. Have her show up like a Scooby doo villain.

    I could see there being something disturbingly brilliant by having Bray mould someone into the likeness of sister Abigail.
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