Another new Taker picture.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Mar 19, 2012.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Thank god he's grown some hair back, he looks pretty cool here.
  2. Damn dude's baldin'. :shock:
  3. No he cut his hair bald, he's growing hair lol.
  4. Are you trolling?

    I was talking about his hairline bruh.
  5. Wow, he doesn't look sickly or anything. Hmmm... maybe he is ready for WM after all. Good guy.
  6. Because he's not in action. Didn't you see him cough alot during matches or talking promo's?
  7. He's not sick else he wouldn't be competing. He clears his throats during promos because he has to make his voice a lot deeper usually than it really is.
  8. THANK U FOR SHOWING THIS! TOLD U ALL THE HE HAD HAIR! It just not as long as it ones was! :taker:
  9. Sure that will be one side. But it's a part COPD. It will give you less oxygen, so that's why he has those breath problems during matches, including the coughing.
  10. For god sake he was legitimately bald. Get that in your head lmao.
  11. HE NOT BOLD! He shortin his GOD DAM IT ALL! :pity:
  12. I love Randy Savage :laugh:
  13. He sure as hell cut it all off, because he didn't have any sideburns when he returned dude.. -__-
  14. he short it like he did when he was big evil just he came back as the dead man!
  15. If he did cut it short, he probably should have had sideburns, and he didn't have them when he returned. So he was bald for a short time.
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