Another NXT wrestler released

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Aug 16, 2012.

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  2. That my friends, Is called a breakdown.
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  3. Hacked? That's the excuse everybody uses when they post shit on Facebook and don't want to admit it's them. And that seems to crazy, I wouldn't keep him in there, he's not even getting much time in the ring, so it wouldn't be much of a loss anyways.
  4. I saw this a while ago actually, poor guy.
  5. Yeah, someone would totally hack some development talent's Facebook account and post such thing for no reason.
  6. DT Porter?
    Sounds like a poor rip version of DT
  7. DT Porter? DT-Bomb :OO GUYS WE FOUND HIM, HE'S HERE!!!
  8. lol:facepalm1:
    for real before today, I never heard of "DT Porter" he's from usa
    I'm from Northern Ireland.

    I no your taking the piss lol
  9. :haha: Well since you don't want to kill us I can see you're not him. And I doubt much people, id anybody heard abut him here before, he got little to none ring time in FCW,
  10. I hate people who write a load of BS on Facebook, and Twitter. (Yeah I'm talking about you Angle) and then claim they were hacked...Yawn!
  11. Hope what was on his facebook isn't true :((
  12. Nah because most people who make, those sort threats, usally have one arm bigger than the other(insert sexual pun there)lol

    yh i just laughed an wondered wtf who's DT porter
  13. Him drinking is nobody's business. Just seeking for attention or help. Won't find it on FB or Twiddah.
  14. So he got released, good for him.
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