Another Raw Review, Old School Raw. Oh, you didnt expect this?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Nobody, Mar 6, 2013.

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  1. #YOURWELCOME!:pipebomb: Here is another review, it's late but it was easy to do while i watched this solo. You're welcome, or thanks for wasting your time. 'sgo!

    Lets start with undertaker? Deal. It moves without a reasonable understanding given) Cm punk comes out, talks the shit ive been hoping to hear (lockhard and @Rain good calls) and we get a fatal 4 way.

    Ryback vs Cesaro, honestly i thought it was some serious quality. Like Spot would say, they made Cesaro look even stronger even with the loss.

    Ryback walking away and Henry walks out. He is going to destroy whoever he faces, i wonder who it will be. NO. My dude, Ryder is going to get squashed again. Woo Woo Woo, i hate this. Looking good so far, dude sells well and just needs to disappear like sawg for a few months and to come back with something new. Welp, it's over already. Fuck how wwe treats Ryder.

    D'z vs miz. I already got this spoiled, so i wont waste your time. WWE goes with their any-kind-of-special-event-face-wins and congrats on miz's promo match. DZ jobs and we hate it.

    Welcome the nature boy, remember, he taught Miz the figure 4, and without it, we would still be booing and calling him out on being shitty in ring. WOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Alright ill always participate for some of this, the only one id enjoy more is some NEW AGE OUTLAWS (Spoiler, i mentioned those were half of who i wanted at old school raw (HBK and SCSA being others) and read they will be here. Oh, fuck, yeah. I'll spoiler the match.
    Show Spoiler

    Fandango, lawler on smackdown (:pity1: ) It looks like "The Nature Boy" Jack Nicholson, looking old there joker. The sleeper hold, it's never worked. Miz blah blah blah AJ doing work big e crushing others. Flair not doing shit to Big E :lol1: Ziggler fucking taps out, figure 4, what a sell DZ.


    Finally, the old school raw has the great one on it. I seriously wish we could have SCSA, he just needs to throw out a random stunner and i give the whole show a 10/10 just for it. Rock is #2, SCSA is GOAT. Either way, i love this whole show so far, which is pretty awesome. The 4 way match will be bad, but here comes Rock selling us Cena 2, or we are getting it shoved down our throats. Lots of cheers. So many.

    Here comes cena. Put your ladyboner away @Grammarnazi82 , more like grandmanazi :haha: I'm on fire [​IMG] Or at least i spit it hot. Cena had to come out here this second. Cena is on his dick all nice and comfy like. Called him WWE champion, while rocky looks at him like he is reading a menu after a long day in the peoples ring. Cena said he's worthless, he is butthurt. People are cheering cm punk, because they are idiots and want to see punk lose to rocky at WM instead of see him face undertaker. Cena talks more and it sounds like bullshit (I could be a decent announcer, Scotch McJohnsonly) Cena is blaming Rocky winning WM for him being shitty all year, then he is saying the prophets have spoken of a return of a mediocre champion at 29, the # of the deity Linda Mcmahon the Congresswoman. Just in case Rocky wasnt sure, Cena plans on trying to win this time. He is raising the mic, and talking a lot more shit a cartoon would be better at drawing up. :facepalm1: this is going to be bad. They are still talking. still talking. Rocky said he will beat him again, and added that john cena might smell what the rock is cooking. Smells like kayfabe, and it's full of shit.

    Moving on. Undertaker recap....? I just saw him come out, nothing else. What the fuck did he do, a cookoff in the middle of the ring we cant see until wm? Swag and Zeb, that fucking stache. Swagger is about to do work i fucking hope, but it's vs hacksaw, so who knows. Sgt slaughter and american dream, stop this shit. STOP the 60 year old + bullshit. WWE fans hate on Hogan saying he can be champ but we have to see this shit time and time again. Fuck this more than sheamus vs miz.

    Friends stopped by. PTP vs Team hell no, Good match all around, DB is hilarious. Onto Team Fatty fucks and for some reason honky tonk man vs 3mb. @Farooq which one are you. (refuse to use ? in sentence form Still) What the hell it was over so fast. Dont waste our time with this shit. Skip this.

    Dead man down, and who the fuck cares about it. Fandango time. [​IMG] This is trash, and he looks like topher the pedophile from workaholics [​IMG]

    Tonight was the night you got even less interested in fandango. He is going to be shitty.

    Time for the game, HHH laying down work, im honestly really pumped for HHH Lesnar so im going to just eat it up like the battered girlfriend wwe loves me to be.

    Barrett/ADR. Another good match. Swag comes around and Zeb rubs his beard, just watch it for yourself.


    Destiny :adr:

    Oh, you didnt know?! Your ass better call, sombody @"Jose Tortilla" Marked for sure here. If you aren't down with NAO, :pity1: I think they have two words for you. They are facing Primo/Epico, who fell quickly and have became the Jack Swagger 2012 of tag teams. Still decent match so far. Fame-asser. Awesome :ryan:

    Recap. Recap. Did you know? Lawler. Some idiot said Sheamus :pity2: Time for Mean Gene, and apparently Mae Young. Look at that gross old bitch. 90 years old and might as well be dead. Time for CM punk to be a boss (people wondered why i kept saying i wanted to see him without the belt) He is out first, bad news normally, but these 3 dipshits he is facing are going to lose to the shield at WM in an 8 minute waste of time.

    Well, it's a big show. [​IMG]

    Next up, Randy Orton, and somewhere Hannah made a handful of creepy statements. Crayo came out next, he is one ginger mother fucker. Its a match that goes exactly how you would assume. Punk, is, going, to, wrestlemania. I was typing but then Undertakers music came, this is almost exactly how i read someone's angle here a few days back max. Here comes taker to accept the challenge. He looks like a character from the mario movies in the 80's, maybe it was early 90s. Oh he doesnt say shit, ok.

    This was entertaining as hell, and 2 hours went by pretty enjoyably fast. I'm going 8/10 for ziggler jobbing, hacksaw being involved in that match, that being a match at all, and the rest i really enjoyed. Now + Rep @Testify for getting BITW here soon
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  2. Wow, man, if you make a show recap, make sure you cut out some idiotic comments like "Time for Mean Gene, and apparently Mae Young. Look at that gross old bitch. 90 years old and might as well be dead". Have some a little bit of respect.

    Best advice: don't do anymore recaps, if you can't handle your thoughts.
  3. ....I understand nothing.
  4. Made the Russo comparison last week, this was like Russo on meth. Seems like your thoughts were just running through your head like Roadrunner as you jotted them down as quickly as possible and somehow wrote down an entertaining clusterfuck you couldn't understand. This was Scott Steiner in written form.

    Nice job ripping damn near everyone in the thread, but it's a shame we didn't get a Bo Dallas sighting so Stopspot could get his mention too.

    EDIT: never mind he got his, and... it was respectful? [​IMG]
  5. I didn't really read this to be honest, not that I didn't try. This one line though I did understand but I don't get how telling people 'just watch it for yourself' is a review. That's a horrible review. No offense.
  6. :lol1: I just did the review as i watched, this wasn't meant for much more than keeping me on track while i tried to watch the show. If you didnt like it, i'm sorry i wasted your time, but this isn't the first horrible review i've done (last week wasn't quality at all either IMO) and won't be the last.

    Thanks for the pointers, i'll know what to expect when i read your reviews.
  7. This fucking guy. My advice: don't use anymore commas, if you can't handle knowing when they are needed.

    No disrespect to you Aids but after I read Miz went over Dz I decided to not watch or read anything happening on Raw until Mania. So I didn't read this
  8. It would be better if you spent more time on it. It has some good content in it, but you can tell you just threw it together. BTW on you can see a video of Vince and Triple H presenting mae with a lifetime diva belt. Vince then says, " I love you Mae"
  9. I can only imagine what Aids' manifesto looks like :happy:

    Good job though, writing whilst watching TV ain't easy. You basically put down exactly what went through your head at the moment you saw something. No one has a perfectly organized brain. I kind of like that you don't spend an hour editing it, gives me a real impression on how you reacted to what you saw.
  10. Writing while watching tv is easy. Aids stole his style from me

    Someone link Senhor to one of my masterpieces.
  11. Bo Dallas Sighting? I saw him at the birthday party!
  12. I didnt know you cornered the market on reviews :obama:

    Yeah really like i said, i only did this so i would actually pay attention, i should have posted on the top part it is not better than watching, or reading other spoilers, it was just me posting what goes into my head from moment to moment.

    Thanks for those of you kind enough to post positives, i know how shitty it actually is. The rest of you :finger: I'll probably make these weekly as i force myself to watch raw up through WM, learn2avoid.
  13. Just be cool like me and avoid WWE until Mania
  14. Nah i actually enjoyed this last Raw. Ill stick to it for now just for hhh/bork and taker/punk.
  15. Why would you come back then? YT Ziggler/Jericho and screw the rest of that card
  16. Haters gonna hate.

    Loved it
  17. :dafuq: You asshole. :lol1: Why are we still friends? :finger:
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  18. Because i bring home the bacon, beautiful.
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  19. Bacon. :gusta:
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