Another reason (as if we need more) why dogs are better than cats

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Apr 11, 2014.

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  1. [​IMG]
    This woman is abusing her child. The dog steps in and stops it. Would a cat do that?

    (taken from reddit)

    Edit: Read more into it, there is a possibility the woman is faking to abuse her child to see what the dog would do. Still, nothing changes, dogs >
  2. The movie "Cats & Dogs" tells me he wouldn't.
  3. Dogs have masters.
    Cats have staff.

    E.g. - Cats suck.:tough:


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  4. The only thing Cats do for humans is cheesing, Watch South Park if you don't know what that means
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  5. Ferrets are the ones that rule them all.
  6. I knew this would be some shitty gif thread.

    1.) Can't even tell what is going on 2.) THat lady films herself abusing children? Wise move.

    My cat is sitting beside me now and isn't impressed by this shitty thread. Plus she says she wouldn't stop child abuse, not because she doesn't realize the immorality of it, but simply because she is smart enough to know that kids suck, and she is glad they get beaten like the punks they are.
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  7. lol I'm guessing this is a troll thread. Because not only did you have the audacity to post it on Caturday, but everyone already knows that cats are objectively better than dogs.

    What's more impressive or bad ass - a dog defending a child from an adult, or a cat staring down and scaring off gators? You be the judge:

  8. C'mon dude. Everybody knows gators are the biggest pussies in the animal kingdom.

    A 2-month old human could scare one away just by farting.

  9. True. Gators really aren't all that. Deer? They're a different story. No one wants to fuck with a deer. :gary:
  10. Or a Deerbra.
  11. Cat people tend to be very lonely people. Not sure what that has anything to do with this vid, but yea
  12. I've read that in a lot of places, but it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me when you consider that dogs tend to be very affectionate towards their owners while cats are generally independent creatures.
  13. yea I've never got this either. I guess people think all cat owners are old cat ladies. My cat is pretty social with guests, really.
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