Another reason the Rock will win @ EC

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  1. One of the sponsors of the show is GI JOE: Retaliation. They wouldn't want the star of their movie losing to Punk, it'd be bad for business. Yes, this is just my own personal speculation, but I believe it has merit.

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  2. We don't need no reasons to know that Rock is winning Sunday :sad:
  3. We need no reason to know that, they want him in the main even of WM, isn't really strange
  4. No one can seriously think Punk is winning here. The stipulation was just added to make it less predictable, or to set up a screw job on Punk.
  5. Here is another reason. I was playing WWE 13 and it has a photo that says 3 weeks until mania on it for the next mania in universe mode and it was rock vs cena. BTW i'm being completly serious, I seen it last night and thought that was hilarious.
  6. No surprise that Rock is winning.
  7. If Punk wins tonight, we are all going to feel very stupid
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