News Another Return Soon (It's a Good One)

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, Feb 12, 2014.

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  1. TNA will be filming vignettes in Las Vegas with Kenny King shortly, so there is a plan to bring him back soon.

    - PWInsider


    Fucking finally, I thought they were gonna do Aries vs. King at BFG 2013, but they messed it up unfortunately. Heel King can be awesome, the dude proved it multiple times, I dig him.
  2. It's about damn time!!!
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  3. That's good. I like King.

  4. I like King but TNA should actually give him some mic time and storylines this time around.
  5. Would love to see him join up with Manik and bolster up that tag team division a little bit.
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  6. Yay, been wondering where he's been recently. Awesome talent.
  7. Yes, he will back soon, hopefully by Lockdown or Sacrifice.
  8. Saw you started out with the letters TNA and though gonna be crap but this is sweet. I have a reason to tune in now.
  9. I used to dislike King, but he's grown on me and I'd love to see a King vs Aries vs Manik feud for X Division. Hell, King and Manik would be a dope tag team (if it means getting Manik back too) - High Flying Kings ftw.

  10. Nice mic work by KK.
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  11. both dudes delivered as you'd expect.
  12. Sweet, there is a great way to get the x-division rolling again. KK is the man.
  13. as long as aries wins im happy
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