Another rumor on the 2013 hall of fame

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. Original source is Meltzer so make of it what you want.

    Really, the Nasty Boys? No offence to them but I could think of some other teams that might be more kayfabe worthy.

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  2. It seems that to get in the HOF, you just need to have been in WWE/WCW for a long time. The Nasty Boys fit that description, Harlem Heat, not so much. Booker deserves to be in there, but not Stevie Ray IMO.
  3. Backlund? :sad:
  4. Nasty boys....oy.
  5. I see Mick Foley being inducted.
  6. Oh boy the Nasty Boys... Lulz
  7. The HOF is going to end up being full of anyone who was in the wwf/e for longer then 3 years.
  8. Isn't backlund in already?
  9. Hall of Meltzer
  10. Jake Roberts, dammit. Jake Roberts.
  11. Some say the Nasty Boys were great and some hated them. Personally I don't want to see them get in but I see why they are.
  12. Pretty much this.
  13. No. :sad:
  14. Foley would be a definite in my opinion to go in this year, and maybe having the Rock induct him. Terry Funk might also be a good pick to induct him as well. The Rock won't go in because he has another match and I'm sure WWE will be wanting him for the Hall of Fame next year after this match. Sammartino deserves to be in it. The Nasty Boys would just be a waste of an induction. I'd rather have Lanny Poffo manipulating his way in to the Hall of Fame along with Randy & Angelo than the Nasty Boys. Another good pick might be Rick Rude in my opinion. They could have Cody's mustache induct him. Speaking of Rhodes, why not have Goldust in this year?
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